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Nice to meet you...

For those of you who may be meeting my family for the first time through this blog, I thought I would introduce you briefly to us.

Rachel & Joe

Joe and I have been married for 16 years. We met in Houston, TX at our church. Joe was in the Marine Corps when we married, so we lived briefly in Hawaii (too briefly...) before getting out of the military and heading to seminary in Dallas. Joe has pastored for 12 years, in churches in Nebraska, New Jersey, and now Florida. He is now bivocational, working both as a church planter and also full time as a civilian for the Army Reserves. I am a stay at home mom, homeschool my four kids, serve in ministry, blog, and earn a little income through selling
Tastefully Simple. To read our story about how we were led to plant a church, read here. To read about how we were led to adopt, go to our first post here.


Josh & Nathan are twins and are 12 years old. As cute & innocent as they look here, this is more what they act like:Yeah, they're all boy. Seriously, though, they have wonderful hearts and are growing into godly young men. They love to skateboard and are still trying to convince me that working together to defeat levels on xbox games is "educational".

Hannah is 10 (11 on Sept. 21st) and is the "other" mom in the house. She's one smart cookie whose love of reading is only surpassed by her love for horses. She'd clean stalls all day for a chance to ride for 30 minutes. She is becoming a beautiful young lady, full of wit and sensitivity.

I have never seen a picture that captures the personality of Danielle like this one. She is 8 (going on 9) and has more energy than the rest of us combined. She always has a smile on her face and is pretty much up for anything, anytime. She shines the joy of the Lord in all she does, and is a constant reminder to us to "carpe diem" and live each moment to the full.

They are sisters and the best of friends.

So that's the Walser family, so far....: )


Erica said...

Great post! We love you. Love your kids. Already love Walser #7.

Mom Of Many said...

What an adorable family!! So thankful that your hearts are open to "more" -Yippee Jesus!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I found you through my friend Erica's FB post. I was wondering if these will be all the shirts you will ever be selling or if you might get more? I want that brown adult one in a small for my teenage daughter. I am sure a medium would be too big unless they run quite small. Also, do the prices include shipping? If you could let me know, when you get a chance, I would appreciate it. Blessings, Lisa :)