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What are the costs involved and how do we plan to handle them?

The costs are overwhelming to us when we look at them all at once. It's part of what has delayed us so long from doing what we felt called to do. But when I told our friend Erica that I didn't know how we could ever pay for it, she said, "Do you have $100? Can you somehow get together $100? Because that is all you need to apply." And she had a point. One fee at a time. Mini goals. But I do want to be upfront with you about the costs so you know and can be praying for our need.

Here's the approximate timeline and costs:

    • Begin process (0-2 months):
      • Application fee ($100)
      • Agreement fee ($700)
      • Homestudy ($1500)
      • CIS & Fingerprinting ($900)
    • Gathering Paperwork (another month or so)
      • Dossier fee ($3600)
    • wait for a referral (could take up to a year...we hope not)
    • Upon referral:
      • Referral fee ($7200)
      • In country fee ($1035)
    • Adoption trip (3-4 months after referral)
      • travel ($3000)
      • hotel ($150-2000)
      • child's fare home ($350-1500)
    • After adoption expenses ($500)
Grand total? A little over $20,000.

When I first saw the figures, actually, I laughed. It was funny to me. If you know us at all, you know we don't have the money or even the ability to save for these kinds of costs. For crying out loud, my husband is working two jobs as it is and I'm doing all I can to earn a little income and still be able to homeschool the kids! And that's just to pay the bills. So I had a chuckle when I saw the number.

And then I remembered Sarah (Genesis 18). How God had promised Abraham a son and how they were well into their old age, still childless. And when she overheard a man (the Lord) tell her husband that she would give birth within the year, she laughed!

But what stops me dead in my tracks is what happens next. God said to Abraham, "Why did Sarah laugh?" Not---I know, it seems odd. I mean you guys are a little old. Makes sense it would sound crazy--but it's true! You gotta trust me! No, God does not think it is funny. It's so matter of fact---"Why did she laugh?" What is so funny? And then He says (my favorite part....), "Is anything too hard for the Lord?" Like--I created the universe from an idea, spoke it into existence... heck--where do you think you came from?? You think this would be hard to do??

So I repented. Because nothing is to hard for my God.

Everything I have is because He gave it to me. I can truly say this last year of church planting, financially, leaves no doubt in my mind Who my daily provider and sustainer is. He has taken care of all of our needs, and I have no reason NOT to trust Him for tomorrow. And the truth is, if He wants us to adopt, He will provide. It is that simple, at least to us. We have hearts that are willing. A home that is available. And we are willing to take on the physical and financial responsibility of raising another child and taking care of them for at least the next 18+ years. All we need is $20,000. : ) (Not laughing...just smiling...)

Logistically, though, how will it work? Because while we do know God can drop money from the sky (and we're cool if He does) we are committed to working as hard as we can to raise the money. Once we complete our home study, we will be able to apply for grants. Mainly, we will do fundraisers of all shapes and sizes. In fact, stay tuned...our first few are coming up in the next week or so, and we'd love your help! I'll lay out the details in our next post.

Trust with us. Pray with us, that God would provide for this need so that we can provide for this child. We are not saving for a Lexus or planning a trip to the Bahamas. We just want to serve the King, and we're asking Him to make a way. Let's watch together and see how He does it.

(For more on my struggle with the money part, go here.)


Christie said...

Hello my friend!! Been reading all this. We are so excited for you. Couple things...

Our church is very pro-adoption and we have many many families that have adopted from China / Ethiopia / Domestically, etc. A family in our home fellowship group just returned from Ethiopia just a few months ago with sweet Micah Sisay. We love him! I know you have plenty of folks to talk with there, but if you'd like for me to connect you with my friends here just let me know.

Also, Steven Curtis Chapman and his family go to our church. You probably already know this, but they have an organization that helps families adopt internationally. Many of the families have gotten $$ from their organization. Check out

We also have a heart for adoption! Ok... I have too much to say.. emailing the rest :)

Erica said...

Who is this Christie chick? I like her. She lives in Tennessee I wonder if she knows my friend Gwen.

Rachel said...

Christie is my best friend from high school. She's awesome---you would love her cause everyone does.: ) I will ask her if she knows Gwen---we're supposed to talk on the phone soon.

Unknown said...

Rachel, you do not know me but I got your link from a friend of facebook. Your story moves me to tears. It is both saddening for the children and uplifting to see the work the Lord is doing in you and others to change their circumstances. I know as you do that He is our Provider and will make a way for your journey. God bless you and your beautiful family! "He is the father to the fatherless.."
P.S. using my sons google acct:)