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Are you adopting a boy or a girl and what age?

We have not designated boy or girl...we are trusting God knows which to give us. We have said we would like to have a child somewhere between the ages of 0-4.

Our kids are full of anticipation and joy! While they may not fully grasp the long process that lies ahead for us, they are fully aware of the costs and sacrifices involved, and are embracing them with unexpected maturity. I am so proud of their hearts for this little orphan who will soon be Walser #7!


Anonymous said...

Hey Rachel,
Of course I love love love adoption...duh I am an adoption worker!!! Just wondering if you have to do any training in Florida to be able to adopt. I find that our families find it so valuable becuase you are always learning new things about adoption issues and kind of what to expect. I would love to share more with you on this! Call or e-mail me if you want to hear what I could share!! Love you all and am so exicited you all are serving our God by ministering to the fatherless in Ethiopia