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No, I did not fall off the face of the earth! : ) I am still here. I can't believe it's been over a month since I last posted. What can I say, it's been a change of pace and schedule and routine, and some things have had to be put on hold. I've been trying to keep up with blogs and facebook, but the time for that is less and less, and I find myself only half in-the-know, which is almost more frustrating that not knowing anything at all!
Hoping I'll find my sweet spot eventually.

Many of you have asked about the kids, and they are doing great. In the last couple of months, God has showed us several different reasons why he has led us in this direction, and we are seeing Him working in us and in our kids. I am grateful for your continued prayers as we continue to navigate this path.

So what have I been up to (since it certainly hasn't been blogging)?!'s a few things...

Pick-up line
So I can now see where I will loose years of my life that I'll never get back: school drop off/ pickup line. Sitting. Waiting. All so my kids don't have to ride a bus. Not to mention all the running around, picking up and dropping off for social activities and youth group and school functions. If you're ever looking for me, I'm probably in the car, taking someone somewhere to do something. I am officially a taxi driver.

Boot camp
I started a beach boot camp two weeks ago. It was a groupon deal and it runs out in 2 weeks, but I'm determined to use it while I can to jump start my physical fitness. So I'm up at 5:15am each morning, which is a feat in itself since I am NOT a morning person. This is a picture of me stretching this morning---haha no not really. For one, I'm just slightly less fit, and when I try this pose I usually fall over--not to mention my class is at 6am and it's pitch black outside still. But you get the idea. It's been fun. And hard. And already rewarding. There's something pretty cool about living five minutes from the beach and being able to exercise by the ocean and under the stars. Even if 9 out of ever 10 moves cause me to do a face plant in the sand.

Homeschooling Abby
It has been so fun for it to just be me and Abby during the day. We have begun some preschool/kindergarten work, and she loves having my undivided attention. Since her language skills are slightly underdeveloped for her age (for obvious reasons), I forget she's 5/almost 6--and it always amazes me how well she is able to accomplish other tasks and demonstrate other skills. Just because she's still learning to recognize her letters doesn't stop her from being able to cut things out perfectly, or solve a maze, or put things in a sequence. She's a quick learner, and we're having a blast.

We are now addicted to this show, thanks to my brother-in-law and sister-in-law. We are halfway through season 2 on DVD, and season 3 is recording on our DVR for when we are ready. We're getting through it slowly--we don't have time to watch much tv, but when we do, this is what we are usually watching.

"I just think things should work properly."
I couldn't agree more with Mr. Dyson, and nothing gets me more frustrated than when the things I depend on most, DON'T. Like my car. Or my kids' PC. Or my phone service. Or my kitchen cabinet for that matter (which keeps falling off the hinge). My car has been in the shop twice since I last posted. My kids' computer is new-to-us, and has been in the shop three times since we got it in August. God is teaching me all about the fallenness of the world. Come quickly, Lord Jesus. : )


Oh and there's soooo much more. I could go on and on. I don't think I'm any different from any other mom, juggling about 30 different things at one time, all day long, and still somehow managing to fall into bed each night with just as much to do the next day.

My friend Barbara says, "Just do the next thing." It's been my mantra. Since Abby's looking at me with her hungry face, I guess lunch is what's next. Happy Monday, ya'll!