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Created for Care

In January, I had the chance to go to Created for Care, an awesome retreat for adoptive mammas. It was a wonderful chance to meet folks who I have only known via blogland and facebook, and while I'm not gonna lie and say it was restful, : ), it was certainly refreshing.

I am so excited to get to return this weekend to the second Created for Care retreat, but this time I will be going as an exhibitor. I have a new business , called Proclaim!, selling promotional products (tshirts, drinkware, totes, banners--basically anything with original artwork or a logo on it). I am going to display my services for adoptive families and individuals who are fundraising, as well as for ministries and churches. I will also be selling and promoting MudLove bands (like I sold here for my mission trip) as a great option for those looking for custom items to use for fundraising. I can't wait!!

Prepping for this coming weekend made me a bit sentimental for the first C4C, and so I was looking through pictures from that weekend. Enjoy a few below, as well as my new awesome postcard I will be handing out this weekend!

Anybody else going this weekend??!!


OK is it ironic to anyone but me that I posted more during my week in Africa with spotty internet that I have in the last month since I've been home with lightning speed American internet?! : ) Sorry, life gets crazy and my blog gets neglected. But it's not because I don't have anything to say. In fact, I have lots I want to share here. So get should be seeing more of me here in the next few weeks, some of it, flashbacks of what's been going on the last couple of months, more highlights from our trip to Ethiopia, and exciting things coming in the future! Hope you stay with me for the ride!

For now, a fun set of pictures from our trip. I met this sweet little girl two years ago at CFI, Peter and Elizabeth's drop in center. She has grown up and is in school now, but still a part of CFI's program for school age kids. She's changed so much, is doing so well, and is so beautiful! It was a treat to see her again as well as many of the kids we played with two years ago. We got to show a slide show of pictures from our trip in 2010, and the kids loved seeing themselves and their friends! To me, it was a testimony to the faithful, consistent ministry of Peter and Elizabeth, a wonderful couple serving the families of Ethiopia and sharing Jesus in both word and deed. What a blessing to be with them and their CFI kiddoes!! Enjoy these few pics!



our team with Peter and Elizabeth

2012 pics courtesy of Jessica Olivero