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Created for Care

In January, I had the chance to go to Created for Care, an awesome retreat for adoptive mammas. It was a wonderful chance to meet folks who I have only known via blogland and facebook, and while I'm not gonna lie and say it was restful, : ), it was certainly refreshing.

I am so excited to get to return this weekend to the second Created for Care retreat, but this time I will be going as an exhibitor. I have a new business , called Proclaim!, selling promotional products (tshirts, drinkware, totes, banners--basically anything with original artwork or a logo on it). I am going to display my services for adoptive families and individuals who are fundraising, as well as for ministries and churches. I will also be selling and promoting MudLove bands (like I sold here for my mission trip) as a great option for those looking for custom items to use for fundraising. I can't wait!!

Prepping for this coming weekend made me a bit sentimental for the first C4C, and so I was looking through pictures from that weekend. Enjoy a few below, as well as my new awesome postcard I will be handing out this weekend!

Anybody else going this weekend??!!


Pixie's mom said...

That's so cool! Maybe I'll run into you there!!! Safe travels!

Christy said...

FUN! Praying for your new business venture! Have a great weekend!

Maria said...

Hi Rachel!
My name is Maria Ferguson and I met you this weekend at the Created for Care conference. Thank you so much for being there! My husband and I are currently raising funds to offset our domestic adoption. We are in the "officially waiting" stage and could receive a call any day- so we are feverishly raising funds! We are interested in your MudLove bracelets with "Psalm 91:4" printed on it... would that be possible? Would you be willing to send me any additional information? You can reach me at Thank you SO MUCH for your help! -Maria

Sharla said...

The retreat sounds awesome and I always love hearing of new ideas for fundraising for adoptions so I wish you all the best with your new venture!