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"How precious are my children who remember to thank me at all times. They can walk through the darkest days with Joy in their hearts because they know the Light of My presence is still shining on them. Rejoice in this day that I have made, for I am your steadfast Companion."
~from Jesus Calling, Nov. 26th

What a wonderful weekend I have had. It has been filled with fun fellowship, relaxing family time, and thoughtful reflection. During our Thanksgiving dinner with friends and family, we each went around to share what we were thankful for this last year. Many tears...tender words... I have been reflecting since then on what I am thankful for, since 5 minutes isn't near enough time to share it all.

  • First and foremost, I am thankful for Jesus, His love for me, His pursuit of me, and His transformation process in me. I shared a few posts ago how God had opened my eyes to how to truly give thanks in everything, including pain and trials--because He loves me enough to do the work of making me more like Jesus. I feel His love for me in a way I never have before, because He is working out my salvation in me.
  • I am thankful for my husband. He is a man after God's own heart, a man who is willing to spend himself on behalf of the King and us, his family. He loves us---we can feel it and see it in all he does for us. I'd follow him anywhere.
  • I am thankful for my kids, who are growing into young men and women who are taking ownership of their walk with Jesus. They do not grumble about their role in ministry, and I see the Spirit at work in them. Plus, they are just fun to be around. : )
  • I am thankful for this new journey of adoption, this test of my trust in His direction and provision. I am thankful that somewhere a little Walser waits for his/her forever family, and we get the privilege of loving that special child.
  • I am thankful for an extended family that loves the Lord. Though most live far from here, I have never felt closer to them.
  • I am thankful for my church family. LifeBridge is a core group of people who's lives are sold out for the kingdom, and I am excited to see how God will grow and develop our core and mission.
  • I am thankful for my friends, who challenge me with their commitment to the Lord and accept me as I am. I feel so blessed to walk this road with them.
  • And I am thankful for the health and logistical provision the Lord has granted me, grace poured into my life so I can turn around and pour it out as an offering to Him.
I could go I think about all these things, I wonder why I have been chosen to get these good gifts. I am unworthy and I know it. But no doubt, this has been a year of change and challenge, and there have been dark days that have tested my faith. I have had to look over this list, and count it all as loss compared to the surpassing greatness of knowing Christ. The Lord gives and the Lord takes away, and yet in the midst of it all, His love endures forever. I do not expect Him to give me good gifts, but I will enjoy them and seek to use them for His purposes in my life. And in the hardships, I will endure because I know He has proven Himself worthy to be trusted with my life. I will not worry about tomorrow. I will choose to rejoice in today.

"Return to your rest, my soul,
for the Lord has been good to you."
Psalm 115:7

"Vendor Blender" fundraiser!

We are in the midst of planning our next fundraiser, and we are SUPER pumped because we are doing this one with our friends the Waulks who are ALSO adopting from Ethiopia!

We are bringing in a variety of vendors for a special "one-stop shopping" opportunity before the holidays!

Right now our vendors include:
Tastefully Simple (of course! : ))
Pampered Chef
Lia Sophia
Creative Memories
Mary Kay
Cute Betty's Gold Emporium (they pay cash for your gold on the spot!)
Ugandan paper necklaces
and others

We will have soup for sale and an area set up for little ones to color and keep busy while parents shop.

We will also have raffle tickets available for giveaways from our vendors. You can purchase tickets for $1 each, $10 for 15 tickets at the door, OR $10 for 20 tickets if you purchase in advance!! (Need not be present to win!)

Also, even if you don't live in FL, you can get raffle tickets or make a purchase from any of our vendors in advance, and it will still benefit the fundraiser!

For raffle tickets or ordering information, email me.

Pray with us for a fun night benefiting two special orphans! : )

What I've been up to

It's been a while since I've posted and there's not alot new to report. We are working on our homestudy paperwork and planning our next fundraiser (subject of my next post). I thought for fun, I would tell you what I've been doing to pass the time (like I need time fillers in my life! ha!).

Some things I've been reading and listening to...

On my nightstand...

Forgotten God
by Francis Chan (@ the Holy Spirit--great)

Adopted for Life by Russell Moore (a must read for everyone, adopting or not)

Southern Living
magazine (I figured I should error on the side of full disclosure! : ))

On my computer...

Katie's blog
('t walk-- to visit this blog. Bring a cup of coffee and a box o
f tissues and see what it looks like when a 19 (now 21) year old girl gives her life away for Jesus.)

Connie's blog
(Where I go to be challenged in one way or another by a godly wo
man who teaches and shares from her (huge) heart.)

Suzanne's blog
(I can hardly wait each morning to check in on her story as she is in Uganda this week to get her baby girl Josie love and bring her home!)

My buddy Erica's bl
og here
use she's posting good stuff every day this month, and sometimes she even puts a picture that happens to have one of my kids in it! : ) Oh, and she loves orphans and is trying to find a home for two sweet girls as I type.)

Facebook (As I said...full disclosure! : ))

And many others...check my blogroll to the right...frankly they're all good...

And I'm listening to...

Best sermons E.V.E.R.
here...this guy can "bring it" (Yea, maybe I'm a little biased, but listen to one from the last few weeks and tell me I'm not right..promise you won't be disappointed and you WILL be convicted.)

Francis Cha
n on itunes....always challenged

Mark Driscoll on itunes...awesome Luke series

new Switchfoot album (actually,... I'm not yet, but it came out toda
y and by the time you read this I bet I will be! : ))

Other than that? Well, in the last few weeks...

We celebrating my baby turning 9 years old...

We applied for our passports...
We served our neighbors chili and smores on Halloween...
We celebrating the marriage of two young Jesus-lovin' friends...
Oh...and my skater boys got a haircut!
(That they requested, no less!) Woohoo!