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Joe has a recurring dream that he signed up for a college class, forgets about it until the end of the semester, and then realizes he has to take a final for a class he never went to.

Last night I dreamed that I had a blog I used to write all the time, but I forgot about it and went about my life and then one day realized I had not actually posted anything in months.

Then I woke up.  And I realized I wasn't dreaming. : )

I'm not sure where summer went--it evaporated.  My only proof that it did in fact occur is my instagram feed.  So to share a bit of my life the last few months, here's a sampling of what's been on my instagram feed----hence the title: insta-summer.

[Appropriate in more ways than one, I'd say, since it felt like an instant, and then it was over.]

My kids grew up.  Three of them graduated from 8th grade.
I have this picture as the background on my phone and I love it.
It reminds me how fast this time goes...reminds me to stop and savor the moments.

Josh and Nathan turned 15.
Could not be prouder of the men they are becoming.

Both of them got these.  Pray for me.
I hate being a drivers ed teacher.

Celebrated the best father on the planet.
He makes it look easy.

Spent some time with my buddy Jessica from NJ.
Guess what?!  She and her hubby will be adopting their first kiddo!! Yay!

Spent some time in Californ-I-A
being refreshed and renewed with my hubby.
Thankful for this retreat that is a gift from our network & our church.

Love him.

Had never had it.  Had to try it.

 Flew through Dallas.
Providence had this directly across from our gate.
Proof that there is a God and He loves me mucho.

 Spent the weekend with these amazing ladies at
the Gospel Coalition Women's Conference.

 Fed by Piper...among others.
A privilege to be there.

 I've been reading alot this summer.
This blessed me and made me sad at the same time.
So well written and a touching story.
 I just get sad when the beauty is celebrated over
the One who makes all things beautiful.
But I guess that's another blog post...

Annual fireworks stand for the church.
GREAT fundraiser and lots of fun!

So we fell in love with Downton Abby.
Last episode of season 2: AH-MAZING.
(This was our set-up before they added Hulu to apple tv. : ))

Mom came to visit.

We had a blast.

And Joe baptized her at the beach!
So blessed by all God is doing in my mom's life.

 We had a week where all the boys were gone--
it was just us girls.
It was busy.  But we squeezed in an evening of girl's time. : )
Dinner.  Shopping.  Starbucks.  Chick flick from Redbox.
One of my favorite nights of the summer.

 Why do we need Trader Joe's in Tampa?
2 words:
Cookie butter.

Hannah decided we didn't have enough excitement in our lives.
It was just a few stitches and actually the most pleasant trip to the ER I've ever had.
Except when she screamed from the shot and scared the poor 4 year old next to us. 
We did alot of this in the evenings.
Just hanging out together.

Yea, I spent my fair share of time at the apple store this summer.

 Working with out BridgeKids staff, 
prepping for our kickoff Sept 2nd!!
I am so blessed to serve alongside some pretty awesome folks.

 Joe has many gifts. Making these is at the top of the list.

The kids had a busy summer--not too much down time.
Hannah had color guard practice all summer,
including a week of 8-10 hour days at band camp.
So glad she's found a place she enjoys to work hard with a team.

 Danielle went to adventure camp.
I think she kinda likes the big kids moving on to high school,
and coming out of the shadows a bit. Having her own turf.

My boys spent a week at Masterpiece Project,
a Christian arts camp.
Lucky ducks.

I stalked the facebook page every day to see pictures from camp.
I missed them more than I thought I would.

Refferalversary #2! 
Can hardly remember life before
this energetic and joy-filled presence entered our family!

In a matter of weeks,
our church was offered this building to rent,
made the decision to move,
prepped and painted the space,
and made the move.

A shot of before.

A shot of after.

 Working hard or hardly working?

 LOTS of painting.
 Our prayer wall, underneath the final coat of paint.
God moved us into a more diverse, more impoverished area,
and we couldn't be more thrilled to be there.
May we be known by our love.  For His glory.

First service!

Our puppy Cupcake got very sick, very quickly.
We thought she had some sort of stomach bug.
Turns out she was experiencing full on kidney failure.
We'll never really know why, but we knew we had to let her go.

 We all loved this dumb dog.
She brought our lives much grief in her 6 years,
but she also brought us great joy.
It was a huge loss for all of us.

We all claimed her, but she was my dog.
I still miss her.

 It's surreal to me to have 3 kids in highschool.
Since I just graduated a couple of years ago.

 I am so thrilled for Abby to start school.
This one has needed a classroom setting and some structure.
I just know she will thrive!

So there you have it.  It isn't everything, but almost.  It flew by.  

Now let's hope I'm a little better about blogging so we don't have to have insta-fall! : )

Are you on instagram??  Find me @rachelwalser and let me know where I can find you!