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I'm a little scatterbrained today, so I apologize in advance if that comes through in this post! I have so many different posts written {in my head}, and no time to sit down and write them!

So I'm sharing a few of the things on my mind today...through you a glimpse of the chaos that is my brain!! : )

Danielle and I had an amazing getaway last week.
There will be a whole post about that soon.
But I'm missing this item in particular...

Stay tuned to hear how I landed this baby for 3 days for $12.
I've always loved my Suburban.
But it's feeling a little clunky and cumbersome today. : )

Yesterday, my boys turned 14.
I feel old.
I'm feeling alot of the same things I felt last year.
It's bitersweet.
I have a problem.
It borders on obsession.
Not actual coconut.
But anything that tastes or smells like it.
{This may deserve it's own post soon.}
For now, try this TODAY:
1 T coconut curd + 1 c. fage 0% greek yogurt + blueberries
(+ a teensy bit of splenda)
Then die of yumminess.

Is anyone besides me in love with Pinterest?!
It is so so handy. Practical. Fun. Inspiring.
I could waste WAY too much time on it.
But I really love it.
{Apparently you have to be invited to have a page.
If you don't already have an invite link,
message me your email and I'll send you one!}

I really want to start collecting Fiestaware.
Specifically: turquoise, red, lemongrass,
and one other undetermined color.
I have loved these forever
but have never been willing to make the investment.
I'm ready to begin.
At least, begin thinking about beginning.
Any tips how to get it cheaply?

Joe and I are headed here in less than 2 weeks.
An all expenses paid conference.
An amazing gift from an amazing network.
To say I can't wait would be the understatement of the year.

My princess has been home for 5 months today.
That blows my mind.
How is she doing? In a word: great.
(Hairstyling...not so great. But we're managing. : ))
For sure, a post is forthcoming about that.

And all that doesn't even scratch the surface. I'm going to go fix a cup of coffee and being tackling my list of things to do today. Now that's it's noon. Seems like I should start. : )

Have a blessed day!