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Fifteen. (and an awesome giveaway!)


It's too fast.
And yet it's perfect timing.

Some days, I can't believe I get the privilege of parenting these two young men.

Old enough to drive.
Old enough to get a job.
Officially high schoolers.

They are stewarding their gifts well.
Handling their freedoms and responsibilities well.
Understanding their calling well.
Not perfectly.  But well.
And that's all we've asked of them and could hope for them.

This is the verse I'm clinging to as the years continue to fly by:

In his heart a man plans his course,
but the LORD determines his steps.
Prov. 16:9

I love the sovereignty of God.
For so many reasons...but as a parent---
it is a rock to cling to in uncertain waters, in uncharted territories,
as we let out the rope, inch by inch, with each passing day.
Trusting not in my kid's ability to make all the right decisions.
But rather trusting in their Savior and Father to hold them tightly
in the loving arms of His perfect will for them.

 Josh & Nathan: if you ever stumble upon this post, know this: you mom is your #1 fan. I love your jokes and enjoy your company and think you are brilliant. I love all your skateboard tricks and guitar riffs and as far as I'm concerned, your BB's hit the bulls-eye every time. During these teen years, I will probably yell when you eat all the luncheon meat on one sandwich and nag at you to pick up your dirty laundry on your bedroom floor and ask you repeatedly to turn down your amp and probably want too many hugs in front of your friends. But in my heart, I am hoping beyond hope that God will use me, just a little bit more before you're gone, to help refine and detail the masterpiece He is creating. Because you are that. His masterpiece. Men of God. It is a privilege to be your mom and to be a part of your story. I love you.
Happy birthday, Josh & Nathan.

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