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Our application was approved!!

Our application has been approved!! We received the call yesterday! 4 days--crazy fast! Yippee! We are through the first round of scrutinization (or so it feels) as we prepare to adopt. The paperwork has just begun, but we embrace it, knowing what joy is to come!

A fun “coincidence”: We received a book in the mail from our denomination, sent to our church for Joe. They often send resources as support for Joe as a church planter. Barbara handed it to me last night at Bible study, and guess what the book is?? “Adopted for Life” by Russell Moore! NO way!!! Or rather, of course! The Lord has laid the steps and confirmed our decisions.


Erica said...

YIPPEE!!! That is RECORD fast! Pretty sure that book thing is a "GodIncident" - I'm still pretty amazed that HE orchestrated so many of us to read THAT exact book at THIS exact time.