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A Week Ago Today

We are all called to serve the Lord, worship the King, and live lives of humble obedience. But sometimes, there's a person--or in this case, a family--that takes it one step further. They not only follow that calling in their own lives, but they become a catalyst for Kingdom building in others lives as well.

The Shubins are one such family. Their impact on our lives and on the lives of the families in our church in undeniable. God has used them in an amazing way, and as I've said before, they will forever be a part of our story in bringing Abby home.

A week ago today, we welcomed them home with their daughter, Zahra. I will never forget that night. It had been a looooong month of them being gone, and I was filled with relief to have them all home, together.

It is a blessing to call Erica my friend, to know our daughters have each other during these coming months as they adjust to their new lives in our homes... I get emotional just realizing how amazing this is--all God has done in the last year and a half, the way we couldn't even begin to anticipate all He had designed for our families. It's more wonderful that we could have ever planned ourselves. And to think I could've missed it, if we had not--by God's holy push-- taken that first step of faith.

For the record--no one should adopt just because someone else has. I hope I never portray adoption as a "cool", "neat" thing that everyone should do. Make no mistake, we are ALL called to care for orphans and widows--so you better find some way to do that in your life! But I know adoption is a calling--one that God has to clearly define for both you and your spouse--and you must know that is where He is leading your specific family before you dive in.

That being said--let me now say this with boldness: many of us could--even should--adopt, but don't because it is too hard, or because we like our little tidy family, or because it would cost us too much- now and in the future, or maybe simply because we don't know where or how to begin. I know not everyone is going to agree with me on that, but when I read scripture, I see a high calling of self sacrifice that many of us avoid because of the safety and security that we cling to as God-given rights in this country. And I think adoption is one of those things we quickly dismiss as something someone else can do.

Time is short. Life is short. There are children growing up with no moms, no dads, no homes to provide security and love and nurturing . About 147 million of them. What else would we do, church? Why are more of us not burdened-- as we look around our lives full of God's grace and hearts full of love and our homes full of provisions-- why are we not burdened to share it with a child who has none of those things?? YES, it's hard. Yes, it's often costly. Yes, it can be very, very messy. I am not trying to sugarcoat adoption to be easy or problem free...but it is worth it.

I don't know everything that lies ahead with Abby, what she will face as she continues to discover who she is in this family and in her Father's eyes. But I know this--God will equip us for each moment and each trial because that's what He does! Abby is His child first, and His plan for her is bigger than me, or Joe, or the Walser family. HE can handle it--even if I sometimes feel like I can't.

I know I've tangent-ed a bit from the Shubins and their personal story, but I can't think of anything Erica would want more than for her story to motivate one more person to PRAY, one more person to INVESTIGATE, one more person to STEP OUT in they seek to bring God glory in caring for orphans.

One week ago today is forever seared in my memory.

waiting...with signage : )

Mrs. B gets the best sign award!

wonderful friends and mammas to Ethiopian babies
Ashlie and Jessica

Where are they??

wonderful reunion

this one of Mel & Erica always makes me cry

Joe sneaks in his Zahra lovin'

Mrs. B, overjoyed

sweet friends, together again

The Shubins, together at last

Five pretty awesome kiddos


I love that the men in our church
are just as excited as we women are!

what a welcome!

Lucky me.

Little miss Zahra, welcome home. Ms. Rachel loves you dearly. We are so happy you are here, and Abby can't wait to play and play and play some more with you. Your family loves you so, and we have prayed long and hard for you. I can't wait to watch you grow and blossom as you discover you are not only the forever daughter of Dave and Erica Shubin, but a daughter of the King. Ewedechalu, Princess.

pictures taken by Lizzy Grant, Ashlie Fulmer, and any of the really good ones by me : )


Elijah's Mommy said...

LOVE this post Rachel! I couldn't agree more with EVERYTHING you communicated!

Amy said...

Oh the tears...I can't keep them from falling. God' plans and purposes are just breathtaking. Thank you for sharing this. What a beautiful God we serve.

Erica said...

I love you. Honored and blessed to serve along side you, to watch as God guides and directs each step in our lives. Amazed at what He's done already, blessed beyond measure by how HIS story has been so intricately woven so perfectly in the lives of not only us but our sweet daughters. May He be glorified. Always.