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"Two are better than one."
Ecclesiastes 4:9

Friends are such a gift. I say that with such personal, heartfelt belief in that truth, because I am not very good at making friends on my own. Be it my shyness, my insecurities, or my lack of availability with the business of raising kids--friendship is something that usually happens by chance to me. When I look back over my life, my dearest friends, even over the span of time and distance, are ones God literally dropped in my lap. Soul sisters that I have been granted the privilege of doing life with, almost in spite of myself. And so I know, actually, it was not chance at all, but rather my friends are divine provisions in my life, gifts from my Father.

And as a mom, there is nothing sweeter than seeing God provide, in the same kind of divinely ordained manner, friends for my kids. Their closest friends are kids I love like my own, and it brings me such joy to watch their friendships grow and develop through the years.

And I feel no less grateful--in fact, maybe more so, for Abby's friendship with Zahra. With so much newness, so many new experiences, so many reasons Abby could feel alone and different and insecure--- Zahra is a precious gift for my daughter.

Zahra and Abby were friends in Ethiopia. They lived together at our agency's transition home. They are so close in age, and while their stories are very different, their experiences are parallel. Zahra will understand things about Abby that her siblings may never be able to fully grasp---because she's been there. She's living it, too. She knows.

And, at least for now, they are growing up 4 miles away from each other. A provision for each other in a time of transition and change, as they adjust to life in our families. What an amazing blessing.

in Ethiopia Jan 2011

so sweet

Abby has been waiting for Zahra to come home

so happy to see each other again

both Abby and I are blessed

beginning to make new memories together

such joy.

Thank you, Jesus.



Melissa said...

Only God! What an amazing testimony these girls will have. Love them both so much!

Erica said...

This made me all teary. Such a precious friendship. Only God for sure.

Katy Livingston said...

Oh my gosh. What BEAUTIFUL girls, and what a sweet story!