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PW (And I don't mean Pioneer woman! : ))

I know on here I mostly talk about our family in light of our adoption, so you may or may not know that I am a pastor's wife. That "title" doesn't say a whole lot about me--as I don't really fit the mold of a stereotypical PW--I'm really just another gal who serves in the church alongside some pretty awesome women.

But what it does say is that I have the unique privilege of serving in ministry alongside my husband, a man I have watched God use in amazing ways through the years. And it also means that, in some ways, I have been forced to be involved in church community. I say that because I am by my nature, very selfish and self-centered. I am a little shy and not always comfortable in a crowd. It would be very easy for me to turn inward, create a cocoon in my home with my husband and kids, and isolate from people. I could easily be one of those people who never really plug-in in a church body.

Frankly, people are difficult. Lives are messy. Relationships can be hard. At times, it seems easier to just keep things shallow and people at arms length.

But you can't do that as a pastor's family. You must get your hands dirty, open up your lives and hearts and home to people. As a result, there can be much pain and hurt in ministry.

But there is also great, great joy.

I think we as Christians often have a wrong view of the church. We approach it as consumers, looking to find things that "fit" our desires and "serve" our needs. Church is not for us, friends. It is for Jesus-- it is HIS bride, HIS glory, HIS crown. It exists to serve the King and do His bidding. And we are commanded to find one (a local body), link arms with others, and pour out our lives in a combined effort to further the Kingdom as a united front.

And as we avail ourselves to this "life on life" kind of living-- hands to the plow and faces set like flint--serving and working and worshiping and growing together-- we look up and suddenly see as we look around us that God has given us a great gift in each other. A family of brothers and sisters.

Meet my church family. Meet my dearest friends: I get to do life with them, share myself-- the good and bad--with them , and serve my King beside them. What an incredible privilege.

And Easter, on the beach, celebrating the Risen King with my family---what a taste of heaven!

I love you LifeBridge!!

(Thanks to Lizzy, Erica, and Mel for some of these pics.
See my entire album of pictures from our Easter here.)



Renea Lynch said...

Well said!!! I saw the pics on your facebook wall, then the link to your blog post. Looks like you all had a very beautiful and blessed Easter!!!! Love this post.

To God be the Glory! said...

"...a great gift of each other" - Oh, thanking Jesus from the bottom of my soul!!

Lizzy said...

great post. and you're one rockin' PW in my book! :)