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LWA Project: 48 in 48 Campaign & Giveaway!! · April 8, 2013

Well, it has been a little over a month since I started the Love with Abandon project.  I had originally set a goal to raise $6,000 by the end of March, but I can see it is going to take more time that that!  To date, I have raised $790. And that is OK!  Often my timelines are not God's timelines, and I have found that His are always better. 

So I am no less committed to raising the $6000 I set out to raise!  I'm just going to have to work harder and longer to get there!  But what a privilege!  I get to be a voice for some awesome ministries and families, and bear a small burden for their needs and requests.  In the end, it's really not about the money.  As I've said before: once it's divided by six, it's a drop in the bucket for the needs represented by these 6 ministries/families.

But what it IS about is obedience.  For me.  It's about extending the impact of a mission trip beyond my personal experience to sowing a seed into the work long term.  It's about supporting ministries that prevent the need for adoption as much as I support adoption.  It's about looking for opportunities right in my neighborhood to serve widows and orphans, and not ignoring those needs right in front of me because they require an extra measure of daily sacrifice and availability from me.

It's about narrowing down the wide circle of orphan care needs--- to not be overwhelmed by the great need to the point of inaction, but instead to DO SOMETHING.  It's about seeing where God can use me RIGHT NOW, RIGHT HERE as I sit at my kitchen table typing-- surrounded by dirty dishes and piles of laundry and a full inbox and pressing responsibilities--watching what He might do with a willing heart and available hands and a widow's mite.

So bear with me.  Rather--JOIN with me.  Only $5,210 to go! :)  If I get annoying, I apologize!  Know my heart is to SPEAK UP, and so I may get a little loud over here! ;)

You'll see me do a few different campaigns  and set mini-goals to continue to use my store to bring in funds.  You'll see me highlight each ministry and family over the next few weeks, and you'll hear from each of them specifically.  You'll be encouraged to give directly to them in a tax deductible way (and then let me know so I can count it towards my total).  And if I have to get creative and think outside of the box and try something new, I will! 

So this week--I'm doing a

48 in 48 Campaign & Giveaway!

The first order of shirts came in and they are AWESOME!  I've already had some more orders come in, but I need to hit a minimum quantity to reprint at the lowest cost.

 So I need to sell 48 shirts---24 Love with Abandon and 24 Speak up designs!  They can be any of the available styles (tanks, short sleeve, or long sleeve!), but I need 24 total of each design!  The hope is to get these printed ASAP so those of you who want them for Mother's Day will have them in time.

And I want to get these orders in the next 48 hours!  So: 48 in 48!

Can you help?!  
  • Buy your own shirt here
  • Share the link to this post or to the store on facebook, instagram, twitter, or your blog!  Ask others to share too!
Then comment below and let me know how you have shared!   You get one entry in the giveaway for each way you share!  I will draw TWO lucky winners-- and both will get their choice of a SPEAK UP tote or a Love With Abandon MudLove band!  We're going to run this for 48 hours(ish), so entries must be received by Wednesday, April 10th, at midnight.

I'll keep you posted on FB as to how many have sold, so you can count down with me! Thanks for your prayers and support!



Jenn said...

Testing the comment form... :) But I shared on FB!

Katy {and Kahler} said...

I facebooked it! :)

Katy {and Kahler} said...

and tweeted! :)