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LWA Project: Embracing Hope · April 23, 2013

I am so excited to share today about one of the ministries in Ethiopia being supported by the Love With Abandon project, Embracing Hope. I actually met Jerry and Christy on my very first trip to Ethiopia in 2010. They had just moved to Africa.  When we visited Embracing Hope last year, it was less than a year old.  I am amazed at how a simple idea (of a young girl none the less, the Shannon's daughter!--lesson: listen to the inspired ideas of your kids!!)-- an idea of providing childcare for single moms-- has grown into a ministry impacting these women and their children in so many different ways!!  And to know that it is currently run by Ethiopian staff, yet another beautiful picture of what missions could and should look like. Amazing!

 Here's a bit from their blog, celebrating EH's 2nd birthday!:

We now have Moms who have built deep community with each other, the kind that makes sure that others do not go without and who care when suffering comes.   We have Moms who have started their own micro businesses.  We have Moms who have come to know Jesus.  We have Moms who have found better jobs than working in the dump.  We have children who are starting school and are at the top of their class.  We have children who would not have been alive had it not been for someone being there to care for them.  We have moms learning to read and write for the first time in their lives.  We have Moms who for the first time in their lives are not having their dignity robbed daily through begging and prostitution.  We have Moms on HIV medication so that they will be around for their children long term.   We have Moms who are still incredibly poor, yet they now have hope and are not alone.
We even have a few moms who have become so successful that we are dreaming of ways to graduate them from the program!  We have local and sub-city government cooperation – they keep giving us glowing reports.   We have a large number of moms who have saved at least one month’s salary.  We have healthy kids who are now able to learn and thrive.

We have families that are intact – Moms with their own children.  Orphans prevented.  Families Preserved.

All that these Moms needed was someone to walk alongside of them.  They were looking for a way out, an opportunity, a bit of a break.  Many of them were praying that somehow someone could intervene.   And then God led them to us and us to them.
 Go visit their blog and read the rest of this article here

You can support EH in one of two ways:

Donate directly to Embracing Hope. (If you do, please let me know so I can count it towards my LWA Project total!)

Or you can support Embracing Hope as well as the entire LWA Project by shopping the LWA shop here.