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LWA Project: The Waulks big news!! · March 13, 2013

Well, week one has passed and we still have a long Way to go to get to $6,000, friends!!

Thank you to those of you who have shopped, shared the link, and send encouraging messages.  This is a labor of love and I will labor as long as I need to--in it for the long haul! ;)

The Waulks revealed some big news on their blog this weekend, news I was not allowed to share last week.  Hop on over and you'll see why I HAD to include them in this project!!

Isn't that awesome?!  So let's keep going!!  Below are the ways you can be a part of this project to support 6 awesome ministries/families!

  • SHOP* here!!  
  • Share the link on your facebook and/or on your blog!
  • Donate directly to Bring Love In
  • Donate directly to Compassion Families (PLEASE make a note in donation that it is for Compassion Families--this organization supports other ministries)
  • Donate directly to Embracing Hope
  • Donate directly to LifeBridge Church
  • Donate directly to the Waulk family
  • Donate directly to the Davis family:
    • Paypal a donation to
    • Davis Children Trust, c/o Everbank, 26417 US Highway 19, Clearwater, FL 33761
(If you would prefer to donate by check to any of the above, please email me for information.)

(Please please let me know if you donate directly so I can count it in my total for fundraising!)

*Keep in mind, this is a pre-order, so while I have stock in a few things, most items will not ship until the end of March.  I appreciate your patience so I can keep my costs as low as possible and give the MOST away possible!!