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Reckless Abandon Day 3 & 4

Monday and Tuesday: Bring Love In

Monday we woke up to another beautiful day in Addis Ababa. We left for Jesse and Levi’s house after devotions and breakfast. We spent the day sorting through piles and piles of donations they have received from visiting teams, prepping everything to be moved to their new office location. On Tuesday, we got to actually go to the new building and help with some cleaning and prep for it to be move in ready. We did some cleaning, some painting and installed some light fixtures. Seemed like a small contribution, but it is so awesome to know we have had the privilege to serve them and be a small part of this exciting start-up time of Bring Love In!

It has been so much fun to hang with the Benkerts-- listen to their stories, catch their vision, and be a part of the preparations for their new home(s) for children. The location they just signed on will be the transition home and office as they take in children. Their set-up will consist of small homes with 8 children and a mom, and they already have funding for 5 homes—it’s just a matter of opening them! It is a great design and way to help orphans in Ethiopia stay in their home country and be part of a forever family. I am super excited about it and can't WAIT to see what God does in the next few months!!!

I'm so glad to know this family. If you want to know more about them, visit their website at and be a part by helping contribute towards the water tanks they need for the homes. And if you know anyone headed to Ethiopia soon and willing to bring donations, I know of a list of items they could use, so consider blessing this family in this way.

Monday night was dinner at a traditional Ethiopian restaurant, and Tuesday we were hosted by our driver Ephrim and his amazing wife Yeshi. Another amazing couple whom I feel privileged to call my friends. If you'll be needed a driver in Addis, Ephrim is your man! : )

Thank you again for your prayers!

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