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Africa and Anniversaries!

I am in full-steam-ahead mode as we prepare to leave tomorrow for Africa for our Reckless Abandon mission trip! Lots of last minute details, packing, organizing, and errands!

But I just wanted to take a moment before we leave to say THANK YOU! so so much for all of your support, for your prayers, for buying MudLove bands...I am so grateful!

The in-laws are here and prepared to take the reigns for the next 10 days. Joe and I are excited to be on this trip together and to see all that the Lord has in store for our team!

I hope to post updates here while we are in Africa, but I'm not sure how cooperative the internet will be, so we'll see. For sure I will report back here when we return.

Our schedule will be:

  • Thursday-Friday travel
  • Saturday-Tuesday serve with Bring Love In
  • Wednesday-Friday training church planters, serving with with Embracing Hope, and VBS with Compassion Families International
  • Saturday shopping and packing; leave Ethiopia Saturday night
  • Sunday evening home
We appreciate your prayers for:
  • opportunities to share the gospel in word and deed
  • our training of 40+ potential indigenous church planters
  • that we are a blessing to the ministries we are serving
  • safety and good health
  • for our loved ones and kiddos back at home
On Valentines day, Joe and I celebrated 19 years of marriage! So for fun, enjoy this video and hopefully I'll be back on here soon!! Bye for now! : )