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Reckless Abandon Day 1 &2

Saturday & Sunday

We are here and having a fantastic trip already. The trip here was relatively problem free and all of our luggage made it with no problem. Even all 800 pounds of donations! Thank you Jesus!

Saturday we all woke up a little jet lagged but extremely spoiled in our accommodations at Providence Guest House. We met up with Jesse and Levi from Bring Love In (formerly of Drawn from Water). They took us to visit Anointed Word of God Church, who were caring for the poor in their area, giving Bibles to the kids and flour to the moms. It was a beautiful thing to see the body of Christ in Ethiopia caring for their own, meting both their physical need and their spiritual one. We were able to spend the afternoon hanging out with Jesse and Levi, who are opening a home for women and children (more on that later). Our day was a bit different from what was on our schedule, since their home is not open yet. However it was a blessing to be with this couple who have been faithful servants to the people of Ethiopia. Our evening was low key, giving us a chance to rest a bit. We had our debrief at Kaldi’s coffee shop, and we as a team were able to discuss our first impressions, our expectations for the trip, and our plans for the upcoming week as well as pray together.

Sunday we split up for church. The guys went to the Anointed Word of God church where we had been on Saturday. They experienced a 3 hour worship service in Amharic. The gals went to the International Evangelical Church for an English-speaking service. We met up at lunch and had a chance to spend time with Bisrat, who has organized our upcoming Train the Trainers. From there we headed to Entoto Mountain for a great view of Addis. After some shopping a the post office, we went back to our guest house for a debrief and spent some time sorting all of our donations.

God is faithful and we feel beyond blessed to be here. We are thankful to have had a slower schedule to recover from our jet lag but we are all ready to roll up our sleeves and get to work! Tomorrow we head back over to Jesse and Levi’s to help them with some organizing for their upcoming move.

More updates to come! A few pictures below (courtesy of Jessica Olivero)! Thank you for your love and prayers!



Christy said...

Sounds amazing!!! Praying for you! :)