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World AIDS Day & A Truth Pandemic!

Wednesday, December 1st, is World AIDs Day. HIV/AIDS has ravaged Africa and is responsible for much of the overwhelming orphan crisis found there. And not just there, but across the globe.

This also means there are children who are HIV positive who are orphans, who need homes. Who need parents. As educated and equipped as we are in this country, it is surprising how ignorant we can still be about this virus, and how much we still operate from a position of fear when it comes to HIV/AIDS. I admit--I have been mostly ignorant myself...but I am learning.

Part of my own awareness is because of the Tweitmeyer family. This is a family of 15 (!) who are passionate about adoption and raising awareness about HIV/AIDS. Their organization, Project Hopeful, comes alongside families who are adopting children with HIV/AIDS and provides them with support and encouragement.

The Tweitmeyers were recently featured in People magazine, and tomorrow night (Tuesday), will be interviewed by Katie Couric on CBS Evening News. I know I will tune in to watch and pray as God uses them to share truth from this national platform.

Watch their video below (it's awesome!). Be educated. Know the truth. And let's pray for those who lives have been affected by this virus, especially the children.



jessie said...

that was a really great informational video! I dont know why I am tearing up...