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We are fully funded!!

It is with great joy and humble gratitude that we announce to you:

We are fully funded!!

Thanks to the generous gift of an anonymous donor and a Show Hope grant, we are done fundraising!!


It has been a year and a half of blood, sweat, tears, and prayer, as we walked this out-- never really knowing just how God would provide. We started with $100. That's it. We knew there was a long road ahead. We have worked hard organizing fundraisers like our garage sale and vendor blender and raffle, we have set aside any extra money that has come our way, we have watched the slow and steady sale of our t-shirts provide just as it's been needed, and we watched in amazement as God raised over $10,000 in a week for our referral fee.

Fundraising is a funny thing. Not fun--don't mistake me. : ) Fun-ny thing. At times, you know your hard work and perseverance is required. At others, it is simple trust as God provides in ways you could never orchestrate no matter how carefully you planned or how hard you worked.

And I must say this. I must. I know there is much debate on whether or not to fundraise when adopting. Let me say this: had we not, there is no way we could have afforded it. We didn't have choices like putting off the remodeling of our kitchen or cashing in IRA's...those are not options we have been granted, as church planters. Large sums of cash are just not at our disposal, for adoption or for anything else.

So we rolled up our sleeves, sought to honor the Lord by sacrificing and working hard--and then left the rest to Him. Frankly, whether we sold an old lamp or sold a t-shirt or sold a raffle ticket or received donations via paypal--we see it as ALL from Him. He is our Abba Father, our Jehovah Jireh--and not just ours, but Abby's as well. He has provided each step of the way. And because we fundraised, Abby will come home to a forever family. And not just to her immediate family, but to a family of friends who loved her and gave on her behalf long before they knew her name. I'm so glad God made it so we couldn't do it on our own; we needed you.

If you have the means and are led to pay for an adoption all by yourself, by all means, do so. But for those of you on the fence, hesitating because of finances--please, please don't let money be what holds you back. As Erica said to me over a year ago when I told her we could never afford it: "Do you have $100? Because it's only $100 to apply." It's one step, one fee at a time. And so we stepped out in faith. Our family is a perfect example of God's provision each step of the way.

So we thank you for being a part of it all. Many of you gave, served, prayed, and sacrificed for this adoption. This is as much YOUR journey as it is ours. Know that. We sense your love and support and know God used you to bring our little girl home. This is how you have loved the orphans of the world, and demonstrated His love for the least. "Thank you" is not full enough of emotion nor descriptive enough of feeling to express the love we have for all of you.

But ultimately, we give thanks to the God who does exceeding above and beyond all we could ask or think.

I an reminded of one of my first posts on this blog, as I dealt with discouragement on the financial end. This is what my friend wrote to me over a year ago:

I wanted to share a piece of my heart with the hope of encouraging you to keep your eyes fixed on Jesus and rest there with humble trust, giving thanks as you are in these days of small beginnings. Jesus finishes what He starts, He loves the're on good ground to remain hopeful.

And so I did. And I found firm ground indeed. He has finished what He began.



Jenn said...

Praising God! He is so good and faithful! I am overjoyed for you. :)

Connie said...

On Christ the Solid Rock we firmer foundation than that Sister! We are happy to have joined you in this journey and look forward to seeing Abby with your arms wrapped around her VERY SOON (though it probably doesn't feel like it is soon enough!). Love you Rachel :-)

To God be the Glory! said...

Weeping, praying, rejoicing with the Walser family and about a million other people! Yes -- He is so good and faithful!

Anonymous said...

Praise God! So, so, so happy for your family. I can't wait to see pictures of your arms wrapped around Abby and of your family all together once and for all! Continued prayers for your trip.

Barry and Amy said...

Praise the Lord! Hoping and praying that we become fully funded as well!

Erica said...

Rejoicing in our Kings provision. CANNOT wait to see Abby in your arms. He is able. He is faithful. He cares for His children. We get the privilege of tucking them into bed at night and hearing them call us mommy. We get to wipe their noses, cuddle them close, and teach them to love well. We are the blessed ones. So overjoyed at what the Lord has done. May He receive ALL honor and glory. Tears of joy my friend. Now go get that sweet girlie!!!!!

The Lord has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy. Psalm 126:3

AGoodKindOfCrazy said...

This is so exciting to read!!! And I'm so excited about you going to meet her NEXT WEEK!!!

Thanks for this post today, as of tomorrow when we send in our first LARGE sum to Gladney... our adoption fund will be back down to $0. THis is a super scary thought, as it has taken more than 6 months of work and fundraising just to get that first $3,000. But God provides and your referral fee story is ALWAYS in the back of mind when I start panicking. God really used your family to show so many of us that He SHOWS UP when we need Him. :)

PotterMama said...

waahooo! God is GREAT!

Abby said...

GOD'S SO SO GOOD!!! So excited to see pictures of her with you all!! And congrats!!!

Jennifer said...

Rachel -
First of all, congratulations!!! What exciting news! I just wanted to thank you for posting this wonderful blog. I actually reposted your blog on my blog because it was such a good reminder for me that God will provide....
My husband and I are just starting the adoption process and have been fundraising like crazy. We don't have large sums of money sitting around either, but we know that God has called us to adopt a baby from Ethiopia. We are trusting Him to provide each step of the way.
Thanks again for the great post and Congrats!!!

three little birds said...

Congratulations Rachel!!!
What a great post.
I too have stepped into this journey to adopt as a single mom with little $$ and lots of faith and have watched there be just enough money each time a payment comes due.
I am so very happy for you and your family!

Suzanne said...


Team One Less Broken Heart

Sarah said...
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Sarah said...

Congratulations!! So excited for you guys, and cannot wait to hear about and see pictures of your travel journey and your first meeting!

Love is Color Blind said...

Yeah!!! I'm so excited for your family! Our God is a faithful God and it is a blessing to see how He has provided for you guys!

Next stop....ETHIOPIA!!!!

Praying for your journey!


Janna said...

Praise-alluia!! What an AWESOME and FAITHFUL God we serve!

Unknown said...

So excited for your family! It truly is an amazing journey to answer the call to adopt but then to watch the Lord miraculously provide everything is something that still leaves me speechless. So happy for you guys!!

Andrea said...

Thank you for this post! We are ready to begin the process again, but we have no money... so prayerfully we wait for the application fee and see where He leads us from there. We know there are 2 more kiddos out there waiting for us.... we need to find them, or have them find us!