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What a week

What a whirlwind this last week has been! It was last Wednesday that we announced our referral and told you about little Abby Lynne. In one week, God has provided over $10,000. We are floored.

Right now, I'm transferring PayPal funds, depositing checks, and putting everything together so we can send in our acceptance by the end of the week. It is so exciting!!!!

My family is here from Texas; they arrived on Saturday, just in time to watch the Lord miraculously provide our referral goal!! It has been so fun to have them here to celebrate with us, and they are marveling at how the body of Christ and our friends and family are rallying to help bring Abby home. The last time we were able to really spend any time together was two years ago, so we are soaking it up and enjoying every moment.

Having company has consumed most of our time, since we have been down at their condo every day, and so the girls are slacking in their puzzle assembly and I'm slacking in personal thank you's!! But know our hearts are full, and we will soon be posting our nearly completed puzzle!! (Even though we have hit $10,000, some people overpaid for their puzzle pieces, so we still have 28 pieces left!) We have a great head start on our travel expenses!!

For now, I'll leave you with a few pictures. Hoping you're enjoying this last month of summer as much as we are!!

Guy (my stepdad), Mom, and me

playing poker with Uncle Mitch

Joe & the boys got treated to a Tampa Bay Rays game

Uncle Jon & Aunt Dottie at the game
(yes...he wore an Astros a Rays game...{sigh})

enjoying the sunset view from the balcony


Erica said...

Amazing God!!! Such a beautiful picture that He funds what He favors!! Love you all, great pictures, glad the guys had fun at the game. Now lets get Abby Lynne HOME!!

Lara said...

I am FLOORED by your story. You know, for us the ultimate goal in adoption is to bring glory to God while obeying His commands. Your story certainly does that!