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Ethiopian Adoption Families~Together at last!

Mrs. B, Amy Hinrichs, me, Amy Parsons
(missing Melissa and Erica)

Since we began this process a year ago, God has been connecting us to others who are adopting or who have already adopted from Ethiopia and who live in the Tampa Bay area. Our little church adoption community has begun to connect with others in the area, and thanks to the initiative of the Hinrichs, we had our first official gathering together this past weekend! It was so fun to know we share a love for Jesus, for orphans, and for Ethiopia. We were even able to meet some of the Hinrichs' Ethiopian friends who live in the area--such a blessing! We visited, enjoyed good fellowship, ate great food, even swung from trees! : ) The adults were definitely outnumbered by the 22 kids present!!

Dave & Erica were missing--and were missed--as they were in LA for a funeral. But, we had the 4 Shubin kids with us, so they were still represented!
(Amy H joked when we unloaded from the car that it looked like an unending stream of kids piling out of the suburban!)

It's so wonderful to think of our children growing up together, in the same community. I think this is only the beginning of some wonderful friendships. Amy H noted later-- not once did we have to ask or answer the question, why adoption or why Ethiopia. We already know--we *get* each other--and it is a wonderful kinship.
Here's some photos from our time together.

a pool full of kids

Solomon prays for us

quite a spread of food

new buddies

Solomon, Teddy, Mrs. B, & little Miss K

Maser fam



I am wimp and I did this. Yea me. : )

the girlies

precious ones...
can't wait to see Abby in this photo!


Amy said...

When we are in the USA, we are in Tampa Bay so I hope hope hope that we can have a get together at that point, which is not for awhile BUT I would love to meet all the families in the photos....and for Asher to have some buddies from Ethiopia too.

Amy @ Missional Mama

Mama Mimi said...

This is CRAZY - but Amy's sister is one of my BEST FRIENDS here in Seattle! We're in the same small group and stuff....and origionaly connected because of her twin nieces from Ethiopia! =) Thanks for sharing the cute! What a small world, huh?

Erica said...

So much fun!!!! So sad we missed it but looking forward to more!

Katy {and Kahler} said...

i enjoy following your journey and i am rejoicing with you as you get closer and closer to bringing abby home! :)

Anonymous said...

After all the adoptive families went home, our ET friends stayed for relaxed conversation. (Actually, I was enjoying conversation while Teddy and Fekre cleaned up. They eventually sat down when they were finished. Aren't I terrible for letting them do that?) Nazareth, the senior at USF who is majoring in social work and interning at an adoption agency, was very helpful in talking about racial identity and racial isolation.

When Solomon called the next day to say what a wonderful time they had being with everyone, he mentioned that some of his other adult kids are open to discussing integration and adjustment issues with us.

I'm thinking of organizing an evening with parents (maybe moms only?) and our ET friends' kids, such as Nazareth, Bethel, Phoebe and Reuben (Phoebe and Reuben are two more of Solomon and Teddy's children. They have 5). BTW, don't you just love those names? They can share their experiences of growing up and the questions that came their way because of their appearance and behavior. What do you think?


The B Family said...

What a fun afternoon! Look forward to getting together again! Our A is excited about your Abby coming home--another 4 year old girl to play with!