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Crazy Love for my Friends!!

Linny over at A Place Called Simplicity is sharing some CRAZY Love again! She is linking up folks who have a need on behalf of orphans with those who currently have the resources to help, and to pray. I love her heart to serve others, and to always stand up for the fatherless. Those of you visiting here from her blog, welcome!!

Yes, we are an adopting family. We are waiting for the courts in Ethiopia to reopen so we can go get our little Abby Lynne. She was a waiting child, is four years old, and is the cutest thing you will ever see. (I'm not at all biased.)

We got our dossier into our agency a few weeks ago. Less than a week later, we decided to adopt Abby from the waiting child list. We had one week to raise our referral fee, and GOD did it! (That story is here, here, and here.)

So, sure, there are costs still ahead for us, but I wanted to return some of the CRAZY LOVE shown to me over the last couple of weeks, and instead of posting MY need, post the need of a couple of my friends who are adopting, as well as another orphan ministry I care about deeply.

the Masers
The Masers are wonderful friends, adopting a little boy from Ethiopia. They are $500 away from their need to submit their dossier. $500!! It's almost nothin'! And yet they can't finish their paperwork and get on the waiting list without it. Maybe you could help by participating in their puzzle fundraiser or by buying one of the beautiful necklaces she is selling. Either way, you would be helping a wonderful family bring home their son to a forever family. Go check out their blog here.

the Shubins
There is no one I know who encourages, loves, & supports adopting families more than my friend Erica. Having adopted once already, they are headed back to Ethiopia to bring home a little girl. For the Shubins, speaking up on behalf of the fatherless is not optional or occasional: it is their calling and their passion, and their own adoption is one of many ways they do this. They are currently fundraising for their referral fee. Erica is selling some DARN cute shirts, she's doing a puzzle fundraiser, AND Tracy over at Junk Posse is giving 30% of her sales to the Shubin's adoption fund. Head over to Erica's blog and check it out!


And finally, I want to mention a great sponsorship program, helping some children I love in Ethiopia. Those of you who read this blog know last January I spent some time in Korah, with Sammy and those who live in the trash dump there. This ministry, Project 61, is sponsoring kids from the dump to go to school for $700 a year--amazing considering this pays for room & board, education, clothes, books...EVERYTHING they need. Go check it out and see if you might be able to help one of these children.

Thanks for stopping by, and thank you Linny, for spreading some CRAZY LOVE today!


Erica said...

Thank you precious friend. Love love love project 61 and the precious children of Korah.

Melissa said...

**tears*** My shirts are darn cute too;) Thank you friend!

Meyerdrk said...

One of the things I have so loved about being part of your journey, and Erica's, and Melissa's, is that you are all supporting and encouraging not only each others families, but also the fatherless in general in a way that gives glory to God. How fun it has been to see the body of Christ working together! And to know the privilege of being a part of it all belongs to us too, by God's amazing grace.

Kelly said...

Hey, found your blog from Erica's and my great friend, Jody, (talkissheep) went on the OH trip to Korah. She has been doing some great posts to get kids sponsored!! I became a follower of our blog! Can't wait to see pictures of your daughter home! Our dossier just left for Korea last week so we are hoping to bring our child home in the spring. I really like your fundraising shirt!

Kelly said...

Do you only have large shirts left in the adult sizes?