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So, we had a great about you?! We did some yardwork, hung out poolside, got most of our dossier documents notarized, enjoyed church as always, & had a Memorial Day party...good times were had by all.

But I realize you're probably more interested in who won my giveaway than how I spent my weekend. : ) So, Nathan took a break from making his turkey sandwich to help me pick my winner:

Yea, Jenn!!!! {{celebratory streamers and balloons and fanfare implied}} Frankly, I would have been shocked if she hadn't won...she entered every day as many times as she could!!! Message me with your address and the book will be on it's way!! Congrats, chica!!

Well, as I mentioned last week, I have much more to say, but we'll let **JENN** have the limelight today, and I'll touch base again tomorrow! For now, I'm off to wash my preteen's white bra which according to her "has been in the laundry for WEEKS and you (me) haven't washed it yet and if you don't I (she) won't have anything (repeat) ANYTHING to wear tonight!" Duty calls. Have a glorious day!


Lara said...

Lucky Jenn! I just ordered this book on Amazon, I can't wait!

Jenn said...

First off, your daughter is hilarious!! If she doesn't have anything to wear now....just wait! LOL! :)

And secondly...WOOHOO!!! :) I am so excited to of won!! Thank you!!! This made my day! And I had a ton of fun posting about it....can't wait til I have more fun stuff to repost for people!


Rosemary Quinn said...

This was great to read thanks