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Well, I teased you a while back that I had lots to share, and I sure am taking my time sharing it, aren't I? : ) So much to do, so little time...but I just can't delay posting any longer! I have some great things to tell you about!


Last month Kathryn emailed me and told me she had stumbled upon my blog. Kathryn is 29 and single, & she works as a nanny. She is adopted, and has a passion for orphans and for families that are adopting. In her email to me, she said this:

...adoption has always been a big part of me and is one of my passions. My heart breaks for all the 147 million children in our world who are orphans!! I am eagerly awaiting the day when God will hopefully allow me to go on my own adoption journey and be a mama to my very own children, but until then, while I am single, I am cheering from the sidelines those who are following His calling in this area.
How awesome is her attitude?!

She told me she has an etsy shop and wanted to make something special to sell, where a portion of the proceeds would benefit our adoption!! AND she wanted Hannah & Danielle's help! She has made two gorgeous tu-tus for little girls, each from colors that my girls selected! Wait until you see them!

As far as wardrobe essentials are concerned, according to Kendi (who is a fashion blogger and who my niece and I think is adorable)--every girl should have a tutu--it's just brightens your spirits! Now whether or not you write Kathryn and ask her for an adult size version of these beauties...well, that's between you and her! But for sure every little girl should have one!

Here is the Danielle tutu:

And here is the Hannah tutu:

The tutus are $15, and 50% of the sales go towards our adoption. Surely you know some little girl who would love to twirl around in on of these beautiful tutus! So head on over to Kathryn's etsy shop and check them out! She has a ton of other cute things in her shop, too! I am blown away by her {huge} generous heart and am blessed to now call her friend!!


You also need to head over to Erica's blog and check out her new t-shirts! They are the cutest shirts--seriously--cutest ever, and I love all the colors! I have two!! She is doing pre-orders through Monday--be one of the first to get this awesome shirt! Trust me, you will love it! I do!! (Scroll down through her posts so you can see all the colors and sizing information!)


Most of you know that our church currently has three families in the process of adopting from Ethiopia. We are having a fundraiser at Chick Fil A in Clearwater (on Gulf to Bay) this Monday night, June 28th from 5-8pm! Come on by, and mention "ADOPTION" when you order, and a portion of the sales will go into our adoption fund!! There will also be facepainting and fun giveaways!

You can view more details here.


Erica said...

AWESOME!!! Love the tutu's Olivia had one very similar to that when she was a little bitty and we have a whole bin of others still. LOVE LOVE LOVE them!

Great shirts. Yes. I agree. ;)

Chik Fil A! Bring it!

Oh and So funny! I read Kendi too!!! However I will not be purchasing an adult tutu.

Lara said...

Great shirts! I just bought one :-) I've been rockin' yours all the time!