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GiVeAwAy!!!! RADICAL by David Platt!!!

It's time to CeLeBrAtE!!!!!! Soon, our dossier will be finished, and thanks to the Lord using so many of you, we have the funds we need to submit it! I think that's a reason to celebrate!

So I'm doing a giveaway! I'm giving away a copy of the book

Taking Back your Faith from the American Dream

by David Platt!!!!!!

If you haven't heard of this book yet, I'm surprised, because everyone seems to be talking about it. I have not read it yet (except for Chapter One which you can get
here), but I have listened to the Radical sermon series online. It is powerful. It is radical. Sadly...and I say that because it is so obviously the clear call of Jesus when you read the Bible...and yet so counter culture to American Christianity. It resonated with me, because these things have been on my heart for a while. I can't wait to read it! I plan to get myself a copy to celebrate this milestone in our adoption process. But...I figured I shouldn't be the only one having all the fun!!

So I'm giving away a copy of Radical! I can ship it to you, or--if you already have a copy--give it to a friend! I will ship it wherever you want! This could make your Father's Day gift-giving simple! (I'll even include a gift note from you!)

So here's how to enter:
  1. First, become a follower of my blog (if you aren't already), either with Goggle reader or Facebook networked blogs, or subscribe by email or RSS feed. (All links to the right.) This way we can be friends for longer than just today!
  2. Then, post a link to this giveaway on your blog, twitter, or facebook. (One entry for each post, and you can enter once a day for each kind of post until the end of the giveaway! This could give you up to 15 chances to win!!)
  3. Finally, leave me a comment or send me an email and let me know you've entered! Be sure and do this each time you post, so I know how many times to enter you!
This giveaway will end on May 31st, and I will draw the winner on June 1st. 5 days, folks!!! Enter now so you don't miss your chance to get this great book for FREE! Certainly I am not the only one who's excited about this?!!!

Oh...and while you're entering giveaways...there's a few more you should know about:
  • 10K in 20 Days...join the movement & help 26 families (including us) with adoption! Tons of great prizes...go here to enter!
  • Melissa is giving away one of her new necklaces!! Go here to see them and enter!
  • Erica is giving away a Simple Love shirt of your choice! Go here to enter!
  • Tracy's giving away some great bracelets made in Haiti! Go here to enter!
Yea!!! No one loves free stuff more than me! Go over and enter today!


Jenn said...

Yay for the funds to submit the dossier!! :) And WooHoo for a chance to win this book! I can't even tell you how bad I want to read it. :)

I am already a follower.....
And I am posting about the give away on my blog, facebook, and twitter right now....

Have a blessed day!!!

Amy @ Literacy Launchpad said...

Just signed up to follow your blog! Love this giveaway!

Nina & Wes said...

I have subscribed to your blog AND posted your giveaway on facebook! Are we facebook friends yet? We should be! Yay for giveaways, and YAY for ADOPTION!!!

Lara said...

This book looks really good! I have seen a few videos of his and I totally agree with him. Glad to be a new follower!

Jim and April said...

What a great giveaway! I just became a follower! I just got that book in today but if I win, I will give it to someone else so they can read it!

Brenda said...

Just became a follower and posted it on my facebook page. Count me in!

Kari said...

Rachel, I'm dying to get this book:)) Ive heard so much about it! Congrats on raising ALL YOUR ADOPTION FUNDS! WOW!!!
I'm a new follower of your blog- so 1 entry please!!

Huson's Adoption Journey said...

I signed up to follow your blog. How exciting!!! Soon you will be waiting. It is an amazing place to be.

Rachel said...

Thanks gals! Please be sure to post a link forthe giveaway on your blog
or FB to help spread the word!! Thanks so much!!

Jenn said...

Facebook and twittered again today. :)

Katy {and Kahler} said...

i followed, i linked, i commented! :)

ANC said...

Following - Check
Linked - Check
Commenting - Check


Jenn said...

I'm a facebook and twittering link posting fool for this give away! :)

Brenda said...

Posted again :) I would love to read that book!

Jenn said...

Facebook and Twitter yet again! :) Hope you are having a blessed day!!