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So much to say...and--for a limited time-- SIMPLY LOVE TSHIRTS!!!

God is SOOOOO good and there are so many things I want to tell you about RIGHT NOW!!! But, in an effort to not overwhelm you with information and to pretend like I know how to pace myself, I'm going to take a deep breath and take it one thing. at. a. time.

First, last weekend's fundraiser. So wonderful. God raised exactly what we needed. Our funds for our dossier are IN and now, we just need the last few pieces of paperwork to come in and then it will be authenticated and off to Ethiopia! I want to tell you you more...from last Saturday...and I another post.

To celebrate, I've been wanting to do a giveaway. To say thank you for all of your help getting us this far. To rejoice in what God has done. And just because it would be fun! Also, two of my friends are doing giveaways, and I want you to know about those!! But...not yet. Don't worry, I another post.

I have a new friend, who I met via this blog a couple of weeks ago. We've never met. She contacted me about doing something special for our family to help with our fundraising. To be a part of our journey. How humbling. How fun! Wait until you see what she is making...sooooo precious. I promise, I will show another post.

(This is fun...I feel like Ryan Seacrest...."after the break...")

So what the heck WILL I tell you today?! I will tell you that my buddy Erica has given me a great opportunity to make a little cash to cover our authentication fees (which, here in FL, is about $10 per page of our dossier, and there's lots of pages....this will cost us between $200-300.)

So Erica has been selling Simply Love shirts for a while to fundraise for her adoption. You might remember these, because we sold them for our mission trip as well.

We Walsers LOVE our Simply Love shirts. I'm looking over right now at Nathan, eating his lunch at my kitchen table, and guess what he's wearing? Yeah. Pretty much we live in them.

So Erica is allowing me to piggyback on her pre-order sale and sell shirts this week to fundraise for our adoption! Yea! And she has Africa AND USA designs!

Just in time for Father's Day!!! Seriously, these make great gifts, and I can ship them to whatever address you choose! I'll even include a personal note from you if it is a gift!

These will be ordered next week, so I NEED YOUR ORDER BY JUNE 1ST!!

  • Pay via Palpal button to the right that says "Help bring home Walser #7--Donate!"
  • Adult shirts are $24.95 (includes shipping) ($3 extra for XXL)
  • Youth shirts are $19.95
  • Tell me in your paypal note on your payment or in a seperate email.....(1) Mens, ladies, or youth; (2) Africa or USA; (3) size; (4) Shipping address
  • That's it! Sit back and let me do the rest!


Ladies ($24.95 shipped):
S, M, L, XL
XXL $3 addtl charge
Africa front:
(on me, in picture above)

USA front:

Back of ladies:

Men's ($24.95 shipped):
S, M, L, XL
XXL $3 addtl charge
Africa front:
(on Nathan, in picture above)

USA front:

Back of men's:

Youth ($19.95 shipped):
XS, S, M, L
front of kids:

back of kids:

Let me know what you want---you have until June 1st!! If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. And be sure and check in tomorrow to hear about the giveaways!