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You could win a free shirt!! Help spread the word to sell 40 shirts in 5 days!!

***UPDATE: Linny's friends: I'm linking here for the Crazy Love post!! I have LOVED these CL parties and have made so many new friends! We are in the midst of fundraising for our dossier fee (links to our adoption story are over to the right). We have a BIG raffle planned on May 22nd, but YOU can help us out by purchasing one of my remaining tees! I linked to this post because if you scroll down, it tell you what sizes are left. To see full shirt descriptions and pictures, go here. A few sizes are sold out, but there are still plenty of tees, especially for ladies and kiddos!! Hurry and get yours before they're gone! And thanks for stopping by! ((hugs))~Rachel

It has been a grueling week and there is much hard work in fundraising ahead for us. We are almost prepared to submit our dossier to Ethiopia, but cannot do so until we have the needed funds. We are planning a big local fundraiser in May for our dossier fee (details coming soon), but we need to first apply for our I600. It can take up to 60 days to process, and we cannot submit our dossier until that has been completed. I admit, we don't want to wait any longer than we have to!

We are trying to raise our needed funds of $800 for our I600A in the next week.
Our goal is to sell 40 shirts in the next 5 days. Can you help??!! If you do, I will enter your name into a drawing to win a FREE shirt!! (No purchase required to win.)

Here's how you can be entered:

  1. Post on facebook, twitter, or on your blog about my shirts and this giveaway, and I will enter you one time for each way you help spread the word. Be sure and leave me a comment or email me to let me know how many times to enter you.
  2. Buy a shirt!! There's some great ones--for men, women, and kids--and supplies are running low! See details here. Order using links to the right.
I will draw a winner on Monday morning, April 19th. Thank you so much for helping us get the word out. And please pray--we need the Lord to provide, and we also need to be patient on His timing. We are grateful!!

Our shirt stock is limited, so grab yours quick! Here's the sizes that remain:

Ladies cream:

Small- sold out!
Medium- 15

Large- 13

XL- 2

Adult brown:

sold out!
sold out!
Large- 6
XL- sold out!

Kids brown:
XS (4/5)- 4
S (6)- 4

M (7/8)- 4

L (10/12)- 4

Girl's brown:
S (6)- 2 left!
M (8)- 4
L (10)- 3


Rosemary said...!/rosemarygustin?ref=profile

I posted your link on my Facebook! I'd love to win one of your cute t-shirts. Good luck with your adoption! Hope you sell a ton of shirts!