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Bloggy Meet & Greet party!! You are invited!!

So I've had an idea stirring around in my mind for a couple of weeks. It all started back when Linny did a Crazy Love party...I met so many wonderful new bloggy friends through that! I don't know if she intended for it to happen, but it became a wonderful way to connect with others here in blogland!

So I thought it would be fun to host a Meet & Greet Party! This could be a fun way to make new bloggy friends. For those of you who are newer to blogging and finding others with a heart for adoption, this could be a fun way to introduce yourself to us! For those who have been in this game for a while, it gives others the chance to know your story.

It should increase traffic for all of our blogs, which to me means more people, knocking at your door, and asking "So what's God doing in your life right now? Tell me all the wonderful things He's done! Tell me about how some days its hard because I need to hear that, too. Allow me to celebrate with you, weep with you, and laugh with you. And tell me you'll be someone I can come to if I just need a friend to encourage me in this journey. And then I'll turn around and praise the Lord for the wonderful things He's doing in everyday lives all over this country!" I know meeting others and hearing their stories has caused me to worship and praise the Lord on so many occasions!

So here's how it works:

  1. Post a link to your blog in the linky below--you can link to your most recent post or a post that introduces yourself--either way! Whatever you want us to know--link to it here!
  2. Create a new post on your blog, and copy and paste the code for the linky on your blog! This will copy the list onto your blog, creating a "blog hop", where we can all hop around and say hi to each other! (***Don't skip this step! This is part of what makes it a "hop". You need to post the linky in your blog. Just click "What is a blog hop? Get the code here..." and copy & paste the code into the body of a new post. This will post the list of links on your blog!)
There are so many of us, and so many who do not have the benefit of community with others who are on this journey. So introduce yourselves!!


Erica said...

Done sister. Seriously laughing. I'll have to show you my blogs I have written but not published. One is VERY similar to this one. GMTA!

from all of us with love said...

I think this is a great idea. Only thing is I am so not able to figure out how to add things to our blog. By the way I am still praying for your families in the adoption process, fundraising and your church.