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Homestudy DONE & fun giveaways!!

I am happy to report that the Walser homestudy is FINALLY done! Yippee!

Well, wait...don't get too excited...What's next?!...MORE paperwork! Yippee.

I am working on our dossier and planning our fundraiser to raise the money we need to submit our dossier. We need about $3,000. I will post soon about how YOU can help and participate in this with us. Stay tuned...: )

For now, I thought I'd let you know about some FUN giveaways going on!! There is some great stuff, so be sure and check them out:

Erica is giving away a Junk Posse gift certificate here. Ok so I REALLY want to win this. Tracy just donated a necklace to my upcoming fundraiser, and since I think it would probably look bad if I won that myself, THIS is my chance to get my hands on one of her beautiful designs! She has beautiful jewelry (check out her etsy shop here), but she also does custom work! This one above was Erica's custom design---isn't it awesome?! Go enter now!

Then, Tracy over at Junk Posse is doing a giveaway of her own! Cute, cute tees! Go here to enter!

Also, this adoptive mom is giving away a blog makeover! Enter here.

Oh and one more thing: if you're a blogger and haven't joined my bog hop, do so now here! It's a fun way to introduce yourself and meet others. Just don't forget to post the hop code on your own blog as well!

Happy weekend!