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Stop by these two blogs today!

Ran across a couple posts and thought you should check out these blogs today:

One is my friend Wendi's blog here. She and her husband run the non-profit HopeMongers, and they want to bring awareness to the human trafficking situation in Moldova and provide giving opportunities through their organization. (By the way--you'll also find giving opportunities for the leper colony, Korah (where we were last month) on this site here.) Stop by, and bookmark the HopeMongers site. They are facilitating ways for us, here in the US, to help those around the world in tangible ways that link us personally to specific needs and projects. I love it. Link

The other site is Junk Posse. Tracy creates the most beautiful jewelry to help raise awareness and funds for adoption. (LOVE her Africa necklace and Ethiopian Angel Wing necklace!! Joe...hint hint.) She created these necklaces specifically to raise money for Haiti. And she's giving the first two away! Post a comment on her blog and be entered to win!


Erica said...

Isn't Mothers Day coming up? I think Joe needs a link to your blog so he can hit up Tracy's blog! ;) Love this.