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Hannah's thoughts & the videos

our team with Sammy

Below are Hannah's words about her experience at Korah. Following are the videos that Dave & Erica created from our trip...enjoy a glimpse into the week that changed my life forever.
**Note: Before you start the video, scroll down and pause the playlist at the bottom to stop the music.

We live in a three bedroom, two bath, full kitchen, living room, and a family room. We have a TV, computers, and an Xbox 360, anything and everything they could dream of having, including a bed. And they live in a trash dump. Plain and simple, nothing to it. You can’t spice it up or make it sound better than it is. It’s a garbage dump. And people live there. It smells like something rotten and sour. They have to sleep there, find there food there, and it’s disgusting.

Yet they have so much joy. Joy over the smallest things. Like a bottle of Coke. Or a plate of enjera that they have to share with, like, six other boys. And they’re all making sure that this person had enough or that person is finished or that we don’t want any, before they take the last bite.

What it did for me was to show me how selfish I am when I have so much and how generous and giving they are when they have nothing. It just about killed me to see the way they live.
This trip to Ethiopia was one full of tears but the one most impacting thing that made me cry the most, as soon as I got in bed, was the trash dump.


To God be the Glory! said...

Much thanks Hannah. I am reminded of the quote "...and a little child shall lead them." Thank you for leading me into a deeper walk with Jesus. Each night as I go to my bed, I pray He will remind me of your words written here.