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Sweetly broken.

Well, I am so sorry I was not able to post updates while we were in Africa. The internet is spotty at best, and usually unavailable. Erica had better luck and was able to post a few times--check out the mission trip blog here (if you haven't already) and you can read a bit about what we did on our trip.

It will take me days, even weeks to process all that we have seen. I will try to figure out how to share it all with you here, a little at a time. (My poor husband had to get it all in about a 3 hour session this morning---like drinking from a fire hose!)

For now, know we are home. We are resting, recovering, and trying to slowly enter back into routine. But we will never be the same. Honestly--I am wrecked. Thank you for your prayers while we were there and even now that we are back in the US...they have upheld us and encouraged us through it all. I look forward to how God will use this experience for His glory even in the days to come, even though the trip is over.

And let me say, for the record, we will go back. Never have I ever seen anything like the orphan crisis evident there, and frankly, evident in much of our world. The need is so great. And the people there so grateful that we care enough to do something about it. I am so encouraged in our decision to adopt and can't wait to see who God will choose for our family. Those of you adopting...navigating red tape...waiting...sacrificing financially---hang in there! It is a beautiful thing you are doing, so do not grow weary. We are cheering you on from here!

More to come...a few pics for now...


Meyerdrk said...

Lovely post Rachel...tis good to "see" you again. I'll look forward to the stories eeking out little by little as the Lord molds you even more into His image.

Erica said...

Sobs. I can't seem to get my groove. I can't stop thinking. My brain won't shut off. The tears flow so easily and then I fall asleep. I thought this would be easier. Its not. I can't shake it. Praying for you, the kids, Ethiopia. I'm blessed to call you friend. Blessed to have shared this burden with you. Blessed. Blessed. Blessed.