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My crack/cocaine

SOOOOO, I'm really not trying to be lazy...I know I've been linking to alot of other blogs lately, and it's not because I don't have anything to say myself...(ask Joe...I talk all the time, lots of great stuff, tons of words, he can't get enough...)

But since joining the adoption world and blogland, I have been so blessed by the blogs I read and the people I have met through them. There is some great stuff out there! Wonderful, everyday, average women with spit-up on their shoulder, and petrified french fries in their minivans, and clutter on their dining room tables...and they write wonderful posts that encourage me, and cause me to think, and rethink, and cry sometimes,...and I think it's because I feel like even though I don't know most of them personally, I get them....and I feel like, if they ever met me, they would get me...we could have a cup of coffee and talk and laugh and probably feel like we've known each other for alot longer than 10 minutes...because we love Jesus and care about the things He cares about and you can find alot of common ground when that's where you begin.
(That was a really long run-on sentence and some of you might be wondering if the state of FL made a mistake in allowing me to homeschool but don't worry because my kids do school on the computer and some days I don't even talk to them let alone actually teach them so we're all good.), I enjoyed two blog posts in particular:

I don't want my children to be happy ...a letter to her kids in light of some who said her children would resent her for using their college funds to pay for an adoption. Read it to the end...GREAT.

Stuff white people like ...insightful and funny and strangely true in a context where--when you're planning to adopt a black child, like we are--I'm wrestling with what it looks like to celebrate a new heritage and culture and yet not over compensate and become weird and be afraid to celebrate my heritage as well. Or that admitting the good means we have to ignore the bad, like our prejudice and resentment. Maybe now I'm talking too much (and not making any sense which is a bad combo). Let her do the talking...check it out.

Just take a few minutes and read these links, cause these posts are awesome. Or heck, get a cup of coffee, settle in, and read through more of their blogs...these chicas can write, and how they find time to do so I may never know, but I hope they continue to do so. Because while some stay-at-home moms might be addicted to daytime soap operas or farm town, I confess...I am addicted to blogs. I get lost in them. And a girl needs her fix.


Erica said...

Both great writers. Missy always seems to say so much better what my heart feels. Love her.

Charity Hildebrand said...

Just found your blog through another blog! So nice to "meet" you! We are adopting from Ethiopia as well and it's always nice to connect with other adoptive families! Your family is beautiful!


sandy said...

So exciting to see how the Lord is working in your family. Someone recently told me you had a blog - so excited to have found it. It will be fun to hear the news of child number 5 !!!