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Wanna hear a REALLY cool story??!!

Ok, so about 4 months ago we announced to our family and friends that we were going to adopt from Ethiopia. You can read that post here. Our family knows our heart, and I don't think anyone was overly surprised by our decision. Except one couple.

Dan & Julia

My nephew Dan and his wife Julia live in California. We hadn't seen them in several years. While we knew their heart's desire for children, we had no idea....that back in March of last year, they begin to consider adopting. And as they prayed, God kept leading them to Ethiopia.

As the months went by, they felt the Lord leading them more and more down a path of adoption. Julia began to look for videos on you tube, blogs--any info she could find to help determine where and how the Lord might lead them.

Then, one day, they got our link in an email announcing our news to the family. They read our blog. And they FLIPPED.

I know you think you know now why this is a cool story--but you don't know the half of it yet!

So--yes, God was in fact, leading two couples in this Walser family to adopt from Ethiopia! Completely independent of each other, we had begun to move down this path at the same time!! Amazing!!!

But this is the really fun part. So, as they are reading our post about our decision, they see me mention our friends the Shubins, who adopted Silas a couple of years ago from Ethiopia. Julia couldn't believe it. Back in March, when she first began surfing the web for info on adoption, she went to you tube. the FIRST adoption video she ever watched was the Shubins Gotcha video--the day they brought home Silas!!! When they saw Silas's picture on my blog, they recognized him immediately. How amazing is that??!! That was 4 months before we even MET the Shubins!! It's amazing how God would use this special family to impact two different sets of Walsers on opposite sides of the country and stir our hearts to adopt, and to adopt from Ethiopia!!!! IS ANYONE ELSE AS EXCITED AS I AM ABOUT THIS??!!

So long story short, Dan and Julia are in process with All God's Children. Our prayer? That somehow, miraculously, we just might be able to go get our kiddos at the same time!! Hey--miracles can happen! Pray with us!!

Go stop by their blog and say hello. They are truly two of my favorite people in the whole world. We got to spend some time together between Christmas and New Years, and I feel our hearts so knit together in this endeavor.

Just when we think God has big plans, we realize we had no idea just how big! His ways are so infinately higher than our own!!

----Oh, and Nathan and Hannah and I leave in 11 days for our mission trip to Ethiopia!!! Stop by our blog and pray for us! WE'RE GOING TO AFRICA!!!! WHOOT WHOOT!

me & Julia


julia said...

We love you guys so much! We are praying for the same miracle - that we can go together to bring our little ones home! Thank you for your incredible hearts and your amazing friendship - and we'll be praying for the missions trip!

To God be the Glory! said...

We too are praying you will be able to go together as well, and that Katie will be able to go to document it all in pictures!!

Meyerdrk said...

Well isn't that just a fantabulous story! Love it, love it, superlove it! We'll pray with you.

Amy said...

That is a beautiful story! Thank you for sharing.

Erica said...

Absolutely amazing. I'm still in awe of our GREAT BIG GOD! WE'RE GOING TO AFRICA!!!

Unknown said...

LOVE this story! Erica had shared with me about your precious family. Think she's gonna try to hook us up with Dan & Julia...we are in So. Cal. too :)

Praying for your trip...wish we were going! Hugs, stacy

Amber said...

Hi :) I happened upon your blog from Etsy. I feel like I can relate somewhat as we have 4 children and have recently felt the need to explore adoption from Ethiopia. Is there a post that explains how you felt called? I would be so interested in reading about your journey. I have a blog as well, but we haven't shared our news yet, because we haven't come to a sure decision. Anyway, it was nice to stop in and read some of your story :)