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***AWESOME Tshirts! Help support our mission trip to Ethiopia!!

back of men's shirt

We have some really great tshirts available for a limited time, and all the profit goes toward our Reckless Abandon mission trip to Ethiopia in January! This is the trip that Nathan, Hannah, & I are going on. Please head over to Erica's blog and read the details on these shirts!

Seriously, the guy's shirt is one of the coolest I've ever seen. And I LOVE my gal's shirt--it has a great fit and is really cute! These are only available through January 6th, so order now! Trust me, you will love them!!!

front of men's shirt
front of gal's shirt

back of gal's shirt


Jenn said...

LOVE the t-shirts!! I think I need one (or two). :) And speaking of you have any advice? I designed a couple I am selling on Zazzle...but it is so expensive! I am wondering if you have any great ideas on where to order/get them printed. :) Thank you SOOO much!!