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LWA Project

I am sooooooo excited about what I'm going to share with you today!  It's my version of March Madness!!  I may be crazy to think it can be done but I've decided to LOVE BIG and go for it anyway!

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about my "take away" from my mission trip last year.  Part of what I didn't mention is that even as soon as I got back, I felt the Lord pressing on me to do what I am about to share with you.  And while I blame a busy life for the delay, I also feel the Lord's timing is perfect, and that this, right now, is the perfect time.  I read something Levi from Bring Love In wrote on their blog a few weeks ago as well, and let's just say--it was the "kick in the pants" I needed to launch.

Last year I raised approx $2500 for my mission trip.  I decided I wanted to raise DOUBLE that amount to give to orphan care.  And thus was born the

I am setting a goal to raise $6,000 during the month of March so I can give $1,000 each to 6 different needs, each addressing the orphan crisis in a different way. (Originally I planned to raise $5,000, but I'll explain why that changed in just a second.)  Let me share with you first WHO I'm fundraising for, and then tell you HOW I plan to do it!

Levi and Jesse are the awesome couple behind Bring Love In, which works to create new families in Ethiopia by pairing a single mom and her children with other orphans in a home unit, providing a family structure and support for a lifetime.

 Peter and Elizabeth run Compassion Families, which provides drop-in centers for kids who need schooling, and/or after school care, also helping with needs like uniforms and school supplies and clothing and shoes.  Making it a little easier for those families who are struggling to provide basic needs for their children.

 Jerry & Christy Shannon run Embracing Hope, and it was their daughter's genius idea to provide a free day care for single moms so they can go to work without a child strapped to their back.  Providing food each week, and supporting the moms with micro-loans and saving plans so they can look ahead with hope to a future being able to provide for their family without having to beg or prostitute. 

LifeBridge is my local church, and we just moved 6 months ago into a building that's located in the poorest zip code in our county.  We are thrilled to be there, and each day the Lord is guiding us as to new ways to love the families in our area.  We have a group of folks who walk kids back and forth to church on Sunday when their parents don't feel like coming.  We have been running a soccer ministry in our back fiend since the local YMCA didn't have the space for a soccer program.  And most recently, a local pregnancy center is moving into a part of our building a couple of day a week, offering counseling and sonograms. Our ministries to the broken families in our area are just beginning.
The Waulks are our dear friends and part of our church family.  Josh is our Executive pastor at LifeBridge.  They adopted Karis 2 years ago, and are in the process of adopting domestically again, a baby due this summer. 

The Davis family
When I first decided to do this project, I was going to set out to raise $5000 for the 5 causes above.  My friend Christy happened to be one of the first people I told about my project, and she was so supportive and excited for my efforts.  She has always been the biggest cheerleader and supporter of many of our adoptions, long before they even began their adoption process last year.  They have been waiting to bring a little girl home from Ethiopia.  But just this last week, her husband died tragically,  leaving Christy and three beautiful children behind.  As many of my friends and I grieved, prayed, and served her this last weekend, it dawned on my how close to home it was now---the charge to care for widows and orphans.  Now it's my friend, and now it's her kids.  So it didn't take me long to decide to add their family to my project.
So that's the WHO.  Now for the HOWAnd here's where you come in!

I am launching a store of fun items, and ALL the profits will go towards these ministries and families.  My goal is to be able to raise $1,000 for each.  I also will provide links where you can give directly if you prefer--just PRETTY please comment below or message me so I can count it in my totals! And if you can't give or shop at this time, if you'd share the link to this post on your facebook page or on your blog, I'd be so grateful!!

So it's my own version of March madness! : )  Are you in?!  OK so here's the links you'll need:

  • SHOP* here!! 
  • Donate directly to Bring Love In
  • Donate directly to Compassion Families (PLEASE make a note in donation that it is for Compassion Families--this organization supports other ministries)
  • Donate directly to Embracing Hope
  • Donate directly to LifeBridge Church
  • Donate directly to the Waulk family
  • Donate directly to the Davis family:
    • Paypal a donation to
    • Davis Children Trust, c/o Everbank, 26417 US Highway 19, Clearwater, FL 33761
(If you would prefer to donate by check to any of the above, please email me for information.)

(Please please let me know if you donate directly so I can count it in my total for fundraising!)

*Keep in mind, this is a pre-order, so while I have stock in a few things, most items will not ship until the end of March.  I appreciate your patience so I can keep my costs as low as possible and give the MOST away possible!!

OK people--let's do this!! 

PC from Ethiopia & of Waulks to Jess Olivero