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WOW my summer has been a blur, how about yours?! It has been a busy month or so for my family.

But this weekend, guess what's on my schedule? NOTHIN'!! What a glorious thing!

This morning I spent some time catching up on my blog reading. I was way behind, so I had to do some skimming and very little commenting, but at least I kinda know now what's been going on! (Speaking of--if you're a blog follower of mine and I don't have you in my blogroll, would you comment or email me and leave me your blog address, so I can follow yours as well??)

I also spent a little (too much) time on Pinterest. It has definitely begun to outweigh my facebook time. (Are you on Pinterest? Holla so I can follow you there, too!)

When I realized it was past noon, I finally unglued my bottom from the sofa. Can't say I was very productive even then, but at least I was moving! : )

Tonight is family night.

We're gonna make some of these

and these

and these

oh and these.

We might play this.
or this.

Oldies but goodies.
(What games does your family like?)

Then, we're gonna watch this.

Yep. Should be a great night. As for the rest of the weekend, well...not sure what I will do.

I might make this.

Or paint this.

Or read some more of one (or all) of these.

I just. don't. know. One things for sure, I'm not gonna flip out if I don't do any of it.

Sometimes, you just gotta chill!

Whatever I do, I know I'll be thinking of Mel, who's meeting her son for the first time this weekend! As I type, she's probably navigating the chaos that is Addis Ababa airport. Praying for her and Jon as they love on little Caleb and prepare for court on Tuesday!
And of course, Mrs. B, who's lovin' on the ladies and orphans at Rafiki Village in Rwanda. Two friends in Africa. I confess: makes me want to go back. Maybe soon?.....

Have a great weekend!!


Pixie's mom said...

Hi, Rachel! I don't know if I'm on your blogroll, but in all honesty, I don't have it in me to check today! If you want to know why, you can read my post entitled "The End of the Rope"! HAHAH!

Unknown said... And pinterest is pretty great, isn't it? :)

Christy said...

I'm not on yours, and I'm about to get my blog all fixed up by Jenn so make sure to check out her amazing talent in another week or so! That is some fancy food you have cooking over there! And what's the second book on your list. I'm reading The Praying Life too, and Choosing to See was oh, so good. Miss you!