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Last day for iPad and update on bringing Caleb home!

Today is the last day to have a chance at a brand new iPad 2! The Masers have raised all they need for their first trip--PRAISE GOD!-- and now everything we raise goes toward their second and final trip to bring Caleb home!! We want to see them FULLY FUNDED, don't you?!?! They are soooooo close!

The Masers have received a Lifesong matching grant, giving us another great way for you to get a chance at the iPad. You can still get a chance by donating through my blog (donate button to the right), Erica's blog, or Melisssa's blog. BUT NOW, if you donate through Lifesong, not only will you get a chance at the iPad, but Lifesong will match your donation, DOUBLING what goes to the Maser fam!! WOW!

Here's how to donate:

Go here to Lifesong.

Donate $10 for one chance.

Donate $25 for three chances.


Repost on facebook for an additional chance.

Leave a comment here to let me know you donated.

It's the last day, folks!!! Someone's gettin' an iPad!!! Will it be you?!?!?!