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A must read

Two of my favorite people in the whole world are my nephew, Dan, and his wife Julia. 2010, in their words, was the both the best and worst year of their lives.

(I wrote about them here, here and here.)

They have just created a new blog. They have a story to tell. They have things to say.

Go stop by and read the posts from the beginning.

Then, watch the video (reposted below and the second one on the right side of their home page). (It's worth every minute, I promise...fix a cup of coffee and watch it to the end.)

Then bookmark their blog, google feed it, add it to your blog roll...whatever you need to do to follow it regularly.


  1. Because their faith is honest and raw and beautiful.
  2. Because reading their posts makes you feel like a friend catching up on the highs and lows of their journey over a cup of coffee and a box of tissues.
  3. Because, if you're like me, after you listen to Dan tell the story of the burning house, you will have a new insight on how to be a support to your loved ones who are hurting.
  4. Because you will encounter Jesus, and be reminded that He is enough.
Go here:

Chapel from Dan Walser on Vimeo.