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African Market: A Wonderful Night

Last weekend I hosted an African market stop & shop to benefit three of my friends who are adopting: the Shubins, the Masers, and the Waulks. It was a wonderful night--so fun to hang with old friends and meet new friends as well! My goal was for it to bring in $1,000 total between all three families...and we're not far!! I need your help to finish it out!! The items that are left are all available now through my blog--you can see them here. These items were purchased in Ethiopia and are beautiful bargains, each one unique and most handmade. They will only be available through the end of this week. Be sure and check them out to see if you would like to be a part of supporting these wonderful families!

For now, here are some pictures from our night:

a bit of the decor

shopping, shopping

some of the merch

new adoptive momma friends from Tampa!: Sarah & Elizabeth

finally met Ashlie and her boys!

one of a kind: our Ms. her so

Barbara and Danielle dressed for the occasion!

Erica, me , Melissa, & Christy

I love these gals. They have become dear friends and I can't imagine having gone through the last year and a half without their love and support and friendship. Their husbands all serve as elders in our church, and serving in ministry together as well as adopting at the same time has bonded us in a unique way. They have been by my side each step of the way in bringing home Abby, and I will be standing beside them...until they're all home.