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Together forever at last

This morning is the beginning of day four in Ethiopia. We have had two full days with Abby. There is so much to share, it is hard to do in a single post. But we have loved every minute of our time with her. Our communication is decent enough to understand basic needs, but there is still a pretty big gap there. At times Abby is outgoing and precocious; at others, she is quiet and cuddly. I can only imagine the range of emotions she is experiencing. Even the city of Addis Ababa is full of new sights for her, as she is from a rural area. Each experience I have seen with new eyes: riding in a car, drinking a pepsi, taking a bath, eating peanut butter....many things are unfamiliar to her. Some things we continue to see unfold about her personality: she is all girl! Loves picking out clothes, having her hair done, painting her nails. She tends to take the lead when she is feeling secure—she likes to be in charge, especially when other kids are involved. And she is full of sweet love and a need for affection. We are so blessed.

Today is our embassy appointment; it was bumped up a day because of Ethiopian Christmas. Our plan is still to leave on Friday evening to head for home. We still have a few friends to see and a few more fun things to do. Joe and I are having a blast experiencing everything together.

Much love to all of you! We can’t wait to see you in a few days!

P.S. We have spent much time with the Shubin’s precious Zahra. She is absolutely adorable, and she and Abby are already good friends. If you desire to do anything in honor of our bringing Abby home forever this week, please do this: go buy a shirt on Erica’s website, and help bring Zahra home. She is longing to be with her forever family, and you can be a part of that wonderful experience. Thanks.



Katy {and Kahler} said...

oh, this makes my heart so, so happy! i cannot wait until we get to have our own story like this. one of the main roads through Lusaka is called Adis Ababa and i think of you guys and say a little prayer for yall every time i hear those words. continuing to pray. :)

Lara said...

How sweet! You all have been on my heart a lot during your time there. I think that' a God thing.