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Melkam Genna // Homeward bound

While January 7th is most well known for being my birthday ; ), it also happens to be Ethiopian Christmas! So “Melkam Genna!”, Merry Christmas from Ethiopia!

We are all set to leave tonight and head for home. We are anxious to see our other kids and begin to really show Abby what it means to be a part of the Walser family.

So, to update first on Abby…she is slowly but surely understanding we are her parents and she will be with us forever. With that wonderful truth comes the realization that she is no longer her own boss, and that has not always been easy for her to accept. We continue to affirm our love for her and shower her with affection, even when we have to say “no”. She goes back and forth from being outgoing and active when she feels secure, and then quiet and shy when she is uncertain. Overall we see her making great progress and strides in our bonding and attachment. We are excited that two of her friends from the House of Hope will be on our same flight from Addis to DC (18 hours approximately), so hopefully the familiar faces will be comforting and provide fun distraction from the long trip confined to such a small space. We also pray we will get some sleep. : )
While Abby and our adoption process has been the focus of this trip, we have also had some wonderful time with friends here. We enjoyed dinner and fellowship with Peter and his wife Elizabeth. We met with Bisrat to give him some books and encourage him in his desire to partner in planting churches in Ethiopia. And we have thoroughly enjoyed the Triers and their Ethiopian family here where we are staying. What a blessing, to have a place to stay for free and get such wonderful fellowship at the same time. This evening, before we leave, we will enjoy a traditional Ethiopian Christmas dinner together. We are so honored.

Obviously we have occasional internet, but not for long and we usually have focused our attention and efforts on connecting with our kids. So I haven’t been able to read all your comments or facebook posts, and certainly have not been able to respond--but know we feel the love and support of each of you. We are so thankful for your prayers. We look forward to seeing many of you tomorrow!!!! JOY!

Until then, hugs and love from Ethiopia!


To God be the Glory! said...

There will be plenty of time [hehehe] to read all comments on your return. Love, love, love the "company" the LORD has provided for all of you on the plane!! How great is our God!! Can't wait to see you all!!