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Rejoicing with my friends!

If you have followed this blog from the beginning, you know how much the Shubins have been a part of our adoption story.

Well today,we are celebrating with them as they announce that they have accepted the referral of a little girl that was on our agency's waiting list. Her name is

Zahra Reign

She is at the House of Hope right now, with our Abby! She is 4 years old, too! They are destined to be lifelong friends! Joe and I met her when we were there in November (of course not knowing that she was to be a Shubin!). And we will be able to hug her and bring her goodies and tell her all about her mommy and daddy when we are there in a few weeks!! What a privilege!

Little Zahra--we love you already!!!

You can read more on Erica's blog.

We are also celebrating that our friends, the Waulks have been matched for a domestic adoption with a birth mom due in March. It is an incredible story--and one I will link to as soon as they share it here in blogland.

Congrats, Shubins!
Congrats, Waulks!
We Walsers love you!



Connie said...

Now we just need to pray a referral comes soon for the Masers and Lifebridge will soon be needing an extra happy for all of you friends!

Christy said...

That is SO cool that you got to meet her! How amazing!

Erica said...

We have a lot of kids.

Kelly said...

Hi. i found your blog from Erika's! This post just made me read your excitement for your friends! I am seeing what a connection and support system adoptive families can have with one another. I love to share the joy of referrals and gotcha days!!

What a wonderful group of friends you have been blessed with!