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Uh...a short wait//IT'S A GIRL!!//We have $8300 to raise...FAST!!

So I promised you an update, I just didn't realize what the nature of it would be!


As you know from our last post, we were placed on our agency's waiting list on Friday (the 23rd). We did not know how long it would take us to get a referral, but we figured it would happen fairly quickly. We just didn't realize how quickly!

We knew there was a healthy little 4 year old girl on the list of waiting children. She had been placed on that list because of her age, as there were no families waiting for a child over 3 yrs old. We saw her when she was placed on the list last month, and have waited to see if the Lord would move another family to change their age range and ask about her. We did not want to do anything ourselves until our paperwork was done and we were in a place to really do something. We trusted the Lord would place her right where He wanted her.

Well, when Friday came, and she was still on the list, we officially requested her file. And today, after much prayer, we let our agency know that we would like to adopt this precious little girl.

Her name will be...Abigail Lynne

Abby has been at the House of Hope since April, so several families who have traveled for their adoptions have met her, loved on her, and have been praying for her family. This fact alone brings tears to my eyes, and their loving words about her have given us a glimpse into the heart and personality of this special little girl that will become a part of our family. We are not able to post any pictures of her yet, but I can assure you, she is beautiful and precious, and her smile lights up her face.

So exciting, right?! As for timing, right now it seems we will travel for our first trip around the end of Oct, or early Nov, and then our second trip will be 6 weeks after that. There is a chance Abby will be home by Christmas...but probably no later than January of next year.

THE WORK AHEAD: Piecing Together Abby's Referral Fee

So here's what's next. We have a referral fee of $8300 due immediately (deadline of Friday, August 6th). We knew our process might go quickly, but we had no idea it would be this fast. We are currently being considered for several grants, two of which said we would be notified by the end of August. We had hoped these grants might be God's provision for the majority of our referral fee. However, our referral fee is due immediately and our agency cannot wait to see if we may or may not receive a grant. So we have to come up with the funds another way, and if the grants come in, they can be applied to other costs down the road.

So we are asking you to join with us and help us bring Abby Lynne home!! We are going to use a great idea some of our friends have been using for their fundraising, and piece together a puzzle as folks contribute towards our referral fee. Each piece will be $20, and we will write the name of each person who buys a piece (or pieces) on the back of the piece, and eventually frame the puzzle in a double glass frame. It will be a constant reminder, to hang on our wall, of those who came together to help bring Abby home. Below is the image of the puzzle we are putting together:

the White Umbrella by Sylvia Walker

500 pieces @ $20 a piece= $10,000 raised
(if fully completed)

You can contribute towards our referral fee in a few different ways ways:
  • Use the PayPal link to the right to donate any amount (Scroll back up & click the little image of the puzzle or the donate button...either way should work. **I have heard some are having problems with the link--I'm not sure why. So sorry--it's so frustrating! I can't figure out why it is working for some and not others. You can still donate through paypal, just designate my email: walserhome at tampabay dot rr dot com.)
  • You may make a tax deductible contribution through our LifeBridge Church adoption fund. Make checks payable to "LifeBridge Church", attach a note that it is for Abby's Referral Fee, and mail it to: LifeBridge Church, P.O. Box 520, Largo, FL, 33779
  • Shirts are still available, and 100% goes towards the referral fee! All the shirt details can be found here.
  • "Hannah" and "Danielle" tu-tu's are available at Kathryn's etsy shop, and from now until Aug 6th, she is giving 100% of her profits toward our referral fee!!! (Thank you, Kathryn!)
For every $20 donated, we will write your name on the back of a puzzle piece, and Abby will forever know the loved ones who helped bring her home.

We have exactly 7 days, friends. We would be grateful if you would help spread the word by posting on your blogs or on facebook or twitter.
(If you post, please leave a comment & let us know so that we can thank you!)

If you would like you can cut and paste this message on Facebook:
"Help piece together Abby's referral fee! The Walsers have 7 days to raise $8200~it's as simple as $20 for a puzzle piece! Be a part of bringing her home to her forever family! Go to and donate today!"

This is a huge task ahead. It is alot to raise in a short period of time. But we believe that nothing is impossible with God, and it is His hurdle to jump, His sea to part, His mountain to move. We believe He has asked us to adopt this little girl who needs a family, even though we do not have the means, and we will trust Him to provide.

Thank you for all of your love and support and prayers! We are truly grateful! Let's watch and see what God can do in 7 days!!


Erica said...

WOOO HOOO!!!! Lets get this baby girl HOME!!! So so so excited. So is Silas. We love you Walsers. We love you Abby Lynne!

To God be the Glory! said...

AMEN, AMEN!!! :) :) :) :) :)

Meyerdrk said...

I need a couple of days, but we will scrounge up as much as possible to excited that you've seen your daughter's beautiful picture and are moving towards being able to bring her home. Abby Lynne, we are praying for you and will do what we can to help bring you home to the hugs and kisses of your forever family.

Missy said...

I saw her on the CHI waiting list and fell in love! We have been home with our Ru for 7 months now and not in process (yet!!) but I was praying that your sweet girl would find a home!! Congrats!!!

Christy. said...

We met her while there and she is a precious girl with a beautiful smile!

Wendi said...

so, so, so excited!!! wow that was fast! congrats to you and yours!
eager to see what God does.

Evan said...

Christy G posted for us on the yahoo group last week-I'm not sure if you read that or not but anyways- I spent a lot of time with her while there in ET to pick up our son. Feel free to email me if you want to talk more about her.

Chantelle said...

Just tried to donate by clicking on your paypal link and it said "Failure" on a blank white page. ..? I'll try back later! I want my name on a puzzle piece! ;)

Our family said...

Hi, I am a friend of Kathryn's {the one making the tutus}. I just wanted to say that I am so excited for your family and that I will spread the word about your funds needed to bring home your daughter. I love how God uses the body of Christ to come together to help bring home His precious chilren to their forever families.

Many Blessings,
rebekah wright

Chantelle said...

I used the other Paypal button and it worked. :)

Cindy said...

Congratulations on your referral! Wishing you all the best!

Love said...

SO excited for you!! Praise the Lord! your brown shirt has been one of my favorite adoption t-shirts that i'm collecting, so i just added the white one, too & a piece of Abby's puzzle! honored to do it. off to spread the word on twitter now & am going to try very hard to blog it very soon, too! blessings, blessings to you!
your little girl! since the beginning of on the last leg of her journey HOME!!

We Are Family said...

Praise the Lord! he is faithful!

Unknown said...

We are so thrilled to be a little part of what God is doing in your family. We've been holding on to a little bit of giving money for 'just the right cause' and you're it! So I bought a t-shirt for myself and a check is in the mail to LifeBridge.
This is truly my favorite part of the adoption process. It is SO COOL to visably see God work in profound and tangible ways. I can't wait to see just how fast that thermometer climbs! Stand still and watch what He is about to do - 1 Samuel ?
Be blessed!
In His love, The Matthews Family
Austin, TX

Mom Of Many said...

I am so very excited for you all...and our oldest is also Abigail Lynn {no "e}...we thought we would call her Abby Lynn and probably did a few times, but ended up just calling her Abi or Abigail...Anyway, I LOVE her name and I love that she has a family coming to get her - YIppee Jesus!

Jennifer said...


My husband and I are a new CHI family and I've been following your story for a little while. Isn't God just full of surprises?! :-) We just participated in the puzzle fundraiser to bring precious Abby home. I wish we could give more, but we will pray God multiplies the gift...and His name will be glorified!

I will also post a link on our blog to your fundraiser. I look forward to watching God's hand at work!

Jennifer in TN

Gwen Oatsvall said...

If 147 can help let us know ... would love to donate a few shirts to raffle or auction ... just let me know ... SO EXCITED FOR YOU GUYS !!!