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Thinking of Korah today

I read a post today from a gal I've never met, who just spent time with the beautiful people of Korah that Nathan, Hannah, and I met back in January. So many things impacted us during our mission trip to Ethiopia, but few left as indelible of a mark as Korah.

I have to admit, as horrible and sad as the situation in Korah is, this post gave me hope. I see what the Lord is already doing in the short time since we were there, and I have hope that the gospel will continue to redeem and impact a community for His glory.

Go read about her experience here.

We can help. It's as simple as providing these kids with a way out of the dump. School and all living expenses (EVERYTHING they need from food to clothing to books) for one child is only $700 a year! Divide that by 12 months, and that ain't much. So little making so much of a difference.

For more information on sponsorship through Sumer's ministry, Project 61, visit their website at

Join me today in praying for my friend Sammy, for Sumer and her ministry, and for the children of Korah.

(You can also read my post @ Korah here, or read Hannah's thoughts & watch the video here.)