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Joe & Barbara

This post is long overdue. But ever since our Facebook fundraiser and garage sale, it has been a whirlwind! That does not diminish in any way our humble gratitude for all that God has done and the people He used to do it!

First: the financial update. To date, we have (God has) raised $2404.18 toward our adoption! The garage sale was a huge success---we made almost $1500 in two days! Tshirt sales have brought in some as well along with other donations that have trickled in this last week. We are blown away! We have used that money to pay our application fee of $700 as well as pay our upfront costs for our tshirts, so that from now on, every shirt sold is pure profit!

AND...we have a little over $700 still in our account towards our homestudy fee! It is a great start and we are blessed.

I have been so amazed these last few weeks how God has used the offerings of our friends--be in in time, resources, gifts, finances--to support our family in this process. And I want to take a moment to say thank you.
  • Those of you who donated money towards our adoption and have asked for nothing in return---we thank you. We know many of you have little to spare and yet you gave generously. Some of you we've never laid eyes on. Our family is so, so grateful.
  • Those of you who donated items for our garage sale--thank you. Some of you gave beautiful and valuable things that made our sale look more like an estate sale than a yard sale.
  • Those of you who came out and worked during the garage sale--we thank you for your time and presence! We had a blast with you, and your hard work made the load easier.
  • Those of you who have bought tshirts--thank you! We hope you love them as much as we do!
  • Those of you who posted our blog link as your status on Facebook--thank you. It brought tears to my eyes as I would go down my news feed list, and see post after post of our link...we have never felt so loved and supported by our friends.
  • Those of you who sent me notes of encouragement (especially after my last money post! : ))---thank you. I feel like you "get me". I'm thankful that I can vent, be heard, and still have people remind me to turn my eyes upon Jesus.
  • Micha and Monica...I love my shirts. You two are geniuses. Thank you so much.
  • And Barbara and Larry....there are no words. Only tears, as I think upon your humble service to us, never complaining, always delighting to serve us and the King. This garage sale was just one more demonstration of your incredible giftedness as hosts and the graciousness with which you share your hearts and your home. I love you.
So...what now? Paperwork! Begin homestudy and grant processes. Tshirts are still for sale, and now every dime goes right towards our homestudy costs!! See shirts here, and purchase via paypal links to the right or email me.

And now, some photos of the fun!

(Thanks Tara, for coming prepared! Without you I'd have nothing to chronicle this event!)

lots of stuff...lots of fun...

homemade signs share the cause
(Danielle & Olivia)

quality control (Skyler & Josh)
(Hey--someone had to make sure that backscratcher was effective
and the typewritter worked!)

sorting clothes
(me, Erica, & Dawnie)

Michelle sorts and organizes
(She's smiling...this was before I sold her brand new printer for $5)

Hannah tries out the ski poles
(Despite Lisa's best efforts to convince our clientel these were useful for a yoga-style workout on the beach that's all-the-rage at an upscale hotel on St.Pete Beach...
these did not sell. Oh well. But you did sell the birdhouse! : ))

Erica & Silas

the girls sell their bookmarks
(?...or bracelets..or keychains..or whatever you want them to be!)
(Olivia, Danielle, & Hannah)

Barbara & Hannah

me & Tara

This service that you perform is not only supplying the needs of God's
people but is also overflowing in many expressions of thanks to God.

2 Cor. 9:12


Meyerdrk said...

Good morning Rachel...thanks for the pics and update. We continue to pray and trust God to take you step by step where He leads. May you know His peace and be equipped with the sword of His spirit to beat off any anxious thought that tries to lodge in your heart.