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LWA Project--Update & First Payout!! · July 26, 2013

It has been an exciting week for the LWA project!  I got the chance to give my first check with the monies raised through the project thus far.

The Waulks' birthmom is in surgery right now--as I type!-- to deliver their baby.  On Sunday, I had the chance to give them their $1,000 from the LWA Project to go towards their adoption expenses.  We took a moment to get a cheesy photo (should have made one of those cardboard checks! :)), because I wanted you to see where your donations are going and BE BLESSED like I am---that buying and selling a few silly shirts are REALLY helping create, build, and sustain families!!  

So THANK YOU!!  For all of your support the last few months, for buying shirts and wearing shirts, making donations, and promoting the LWA Project.  It was a little scary to write that check, knowing it was a big chunk of what has been raised, and I still have 5 more checks I want to write for that same amount!  Right now, total monies raised through the LWA Project are $1370.00.  So that's still $4630.00 left to raise.  But the Waulks needed it NOW, and I'm trusting the Lord will raise the rest in his timing and with a little blood, sweat, and tears along the way.  :) I'll keep at it until we get there!! (Looks like we'll need a fall line of LWA tees!! :))

Please know, too--if you feel led to support the project families and ministries directly--the links are all in my original post.  Just send me a note and let me know so I can count it towards my project total.  But the money does not have to come through me--you can give directly--in most cases in a tax deductible way.

And pray with me for the Waulks--baby Liam should be making his appearance soon!  YAY!!

Before I could even get this posted, Liam arrived!!!
10lbs 7oz healthy boy!! 
Thank you, Jesus and congrats Josh and Christy!!  Love you both!!